ACA Rich Sailors Race!! notice of race. all the details

OK guys. The Sail4Life weekend is almost here.. time to get serious!! Time to race for the cure!!!

Want to help the race for the cure? Then get your linden wallets out.. come out and race!!!

ACA are holing a match racing series on Sunday the 20th of June. Starting at 13.45 we will have 8 racing slots free for the 8 highest bidders to the cause.

If you wish to race in this series please place a bid in the bidder at Santa Rosa. the top eight bids will be shown. if you are outbid for a place then simply top up the ammount you wish to spend.. for example if you have put a bid in for 1000.. and the eitgth bid is 1100.. then simply press the bid button and add 200. easy?

So what will these races consist of? Simples!!!! It will be a race In pairs from the Start line at Blake Sea-Pacific to Blake Sea-Flotsum and back.. So simple it doesn’t need a chart?

The racing will be in pairs with the winner from each leg going into the semi finals and then to the finals.. Really simples!!

What will you win?? well I have hand crafted a trophy for the winner and runner up.. see below.. and of course you will get bragging rights.. Your name will live also at ACA Island as i will place a plaque with your name on there.

We want to keep the rules simple as well.. so I have attached a website that will tell you all the rules you will need to know (I also reserve the rights to levy fines on boats as i see fit and no explanation and no appeals will be heard)

Get those bids to race on in… (and yes you can have a professional skipper if your sailing abilities are not what they should be) I will give a daily update on the bidding so you will know how much you have to dig out of your pockets. Any quiries or problems come to Uncle Q.. I will have a broad set of shoulders to cry on as i reach into your pocket and pick the money out…Seriously.. contact me Quirky Torok with your problems. Either in world or on email to

This is a fun event with a serious message, let’s enjoy ourselves.

Quirky Torok

ACA Management



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