At ACA we want to expand.. expand the range of options open to you the SL sailors and especially to those not already bitten by the Second Life sailing bug.

To you guys we introduce the ACA LIGHT. So what is this “new” boat?

The ACA LIGHT is for all appearances a ACA33 3.0 but without the difficulties of setting sail angles. The main the jib and the spinnaker set themselves, just leaving the sailor to enjoy the views as the cruise around the Second Life seas.

It is aimed at new sailors that do not wish to have to consider the complexities of the 3.0.

It is aimed at the experienced sailors that just want to  cruise.

It is aimed at those that have difficulties in real life control a very technical and demanding boat.

In short it is a light version of the ACA33 3.0, we have stripped some of the scripts out we have simplified the sailing. This doesn’t mean to say there wont be races especially for the ACA LIGHT. This boat is a great incentive to new racers to cut their teeth in competition without the hassle of getting the boat moving in the first place. There will be a specific ACA LIGHT group for announcements and calling ACA LIGHT Specific races.

As this boat always has the sails set to the correct angle the boat is fast!!! hence I am afraid the ACA LIGHT will not be permitted to race in ACA33 3.0 races. Once the new sailor has mastered steering and tactics he/she may progress onto the full-blooded ACA33 3.0. I have added below part of the Release notes from Caf of the ACA Light.. On behalf of ACA management and we very much hope you will enjoy the ACA LIGHT. It will not be the last of the new boats coming out to you in the future.

Quirky Torok

ACA Management




A real, true blood ACA at such a small price is an irresistible bargain to start with.

ACA RACER LIGHT has automatic sails trim. Sailor will only have to raise sails,
steer the boat, lower sails. She has its own hull and sails textures, mostly based
on white, allowing sailor to change the prims colors, instead of whole textures,
easily getting a personalized boat.  LIGHT comes with just the vertical HUD.

ACA RACER LIGHT contains a comprehensive subset of ACA RACER assets,
plus automatic sails trim, making it very pleasant and easy to sail even by those
who never stepped into a sailboat, in SL or RL.

For the experienced sailor, especially the ACA v3.0 user, ACA RACER LIGHT will
still offer the chance of relaxed cruises and whole new kinds of races,
among LIGHT boats or mixed fleets.


* spinnaker and associated special behaviors;
* apparent wind;
* WWC – wind, waves, current standards compliant;
* top mast pennant light indicating race wind;
* windshadow, capable of exchanging effects with boats of other classes / builders;
* floating state, swinging with waves;
* while floating, boat will slowly get aligned to current stream;
* realistic sounds, through two independent audio channels;
* real polars;
* mega prim sails;
* sails tack by the wind;
* many and adequate HUD features;
* efficient script performance;


(Q) What are the main differences between ACA RACER LIGHT and ACA RACER V3.1?

(A) The official ACA RACER, presently at version 3.1 is a racing boat, the Formula 1 boat of its time, based on RL America s Cup Class 5. It delivers full control to skipper at helm (and crew, if it is the case). Its modeling in SL has evolved a lot, simulating much of the behavior of sailing such a boat in RL. The other side of the same coin is that it made it difficult, or perhaps hard-working, to sail for the non experimented or the pleasant, weekend sailor. Still, however, it is a really beautiful, realistic sailing boat, which many want to try and own.

ACA RACER LIGHT, with simpler features and automatic sails trim, comes to fulfill that desire to sail a true ACA but at leisure. It will allow for example nice landscape watching while sailing. Keep an eye at rudder and relax about everything else.

No matter what, ACA RACER LIGHT is fine for cruises but can race against other LIGHTs or in a mixed fleet with ACA v3. Note that events, cups and competitions for ACA RACER v3 cannot be joined by the LIGHT and vice versa. LIGHT is always identifiable and cannot be mistaken as a v3.

All in all, LIGHT was created over the ACA RACER v3.00 platform, but thinking about the beginner, the sail for pleasure, and still keeping the satisfaction even an experienced v3.00 sailor would search for.

(Q) What will LIGHT owners gain when they decide to buy the V3.1?

(A) Some features of the full ACA RACER v3.1 are not present in the LIGHT, firstly because they can maybe never interest the leisure sailor. When their owner feels like going to sail the real complete ACA RACER they will get:

– Sculpted flapping sails;

– Full control of every sail trim, also by the hands of crew members, which is a prerequisite for real, official competition. Note that the automatic sail trim is not, nor will ever be,  present in the full ACA v3.

– The complete set of HUDs, including, besides the Vertical one, the Horizontal HUD, allowing a different choice of on screen positioning, and the Info HUD, competition model, low lag and crash resistant.

– Showsail function, allowing your ACA to automatically show any or all sails raised, as a model, while moored. Also, the full pack comes with a non scripted, no lag model for exhibition purposes.

– Eject function, allowing skipper to eject by name or all at once the (maybe undesired, boring 🙂 crew or griefer, sitting at the boat.

– Ability to save, with boat, personal user settings for wind, waves and current, which can be set for LIGHT but will die at end of each sailing.


Check ACA33 RACER v3 page for general reference.

The Second Life America?s Cup ACA RACER Class 5 Boat and Racer is a collaborative project made possible by the efforts and talents of these Second Life Residents:
Project development and management: Florencia007 Csak
Project producers: Javier Merlin & Aca32 Barbosa
Vehicle and HUD scripting: Caf Binder
Boat sculpt modeling: Florencia007 Csak & Caf Binder
Full motion skipper and crew animations: Larinda Cordeaux

America’s Cup ACA33 Class Boat is sponsored by


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