Competitions! Gesture hud & “vanilla” sails and hull textures set

Tuesday, 22 Sep 2009 15:43:43 GMT

I would like to announce the launch of 2 competitions, open to all members of the ACA Racer group.  First, is a design for the Gesture hud being produced, and the second is for a “vanilla” sails and hull textures set.  Both of these items will become the ones included with future boat sales.

These are detailed instructions and rules concerning the contest for creation of the gesture hud, and standard boat textures used with the ACA33.

Gesture hud :
–  All entries to be sent, full perm, to disisme Misfit BEFORE midnight SLT on October 1.
– All entries are to be purely a texture image of the Hud as you would like to see it on screen
– There need be NO prims in this entry, but it MUST be able to be made without sculpting (but CAN use alpha textures)

Specific requirements :
1) minimum 16 “clickable” areas on the hud for different functions
2) Minimum use of text – the image and clickable areas must be intuitively obvious
3) functions of the hud are : raise, lower, moor, alpha +, alpha -, sails +1, sails -1, +5, -5, +10, -10, +20, -20, Tack, wing, protest
4) Hud MUST include the ACA Racer logo somewhere prominent. (see image bellow)

Anything else goes….. This is somewhere you can show us your artistry.

Sails and hull :
1) NO templates will be provided for this contest other than the texture mesh base here…. (see image bellow)
2) the ACA33 words and Americas cup logo MUST appear on the sails.  Format and size is open to the artist but must be “relatively” obvious.
3) All textures are to be sent full perm to disisme Misfit BEFORE midnight SLT on October 1
4) coloring, complexity, etc are wide open.  Resolution is also open, but remember, it will be affected by SLs truncation and possible detail loss.
5) we are looking for sails and hull ONLY, but texturing of other parts of the boat will be favorably looked upon if it increases the visual appeal of the finished item (cockpit floor etc)
6) Emphasis in judgng will be upon the boat being realistic….no alpha in silly places that would make the sails integrity bad in RL.
7) use of the original sail “ribbing” on the vanilla templates is optional.  If you feel you can make the sails more realistic by re-doing the ribbing etc, feel free.

We reserve the right to select more than one winner if neccessary, and the right to package future boats in multiple themes.  We also reserve the right to select NO winner if we find none of suitable quality to reflect our corporate presence.

The ACA33 is a massive canvas for an artist.  This is your chance to just cut loose and give us your very best….and the entire world will see it on the water.  make us say “wow”!

ACA-RACER-LOGOSculpt Studio Result Mesh


ACA/Costa Rica Challenge. 12th September

Group Notice From: Quirky Torok

Time is ticking down to enter the ACA/Costa Rica Challenge.. for those new heres the story.

A new and exciting race series will be held on the Costa Rica sims. This will consist of two sets of racing. One series for single handed racers, and the other for crewed team events. The prize money has been set at an unprecedented $L100, 000 for the weekend!

But you got to enter. So give me a notecard of your name and/or your team !!!! You should all have new 2.5’s and your appitite weteed by J-Class racing.

For further details please see previous Notice

Happy sailingQ