They are here!!!

We are proud to announce that the ACA 3.1 Update is available (this is a free update of course) .  additional to this The ACA Micro and the ACA Tiny are now on sale from your favorite vendor in world or from Second Life Marketplace

There are new pages to this blog to bring you up to speed on the changes and to the texturing. Due to the sails now being sculpts the sails need new textures. If you have sails you like use the new template to locate your existing sails and you should be done (make it sound easy don’t I?). The new templates are available here

If you already have the ACA 3.0 Simply rezz your 3.0 and you should be offered a new ACA from Florencia.. simply accept it and the new box will be in your inventory, you have the update!


New wonderful stuff from ACA and how to get them early!

Last April 1st we kind of played an April fools joke on you all by advertising a line of the most preposterous line up of new ACA products… Well this fooled some of you, but the sharp eyed amongst you spotted that we weren’t really going to start selling ACA Landing craft of submarines..

Well.. ummm yes.. we kind of fooled ourselves too.. two of the items we suggested were going to be made available were a mini and a micro version of the ACA… Three months later and ACA Proudly present!!!! The ACA Tiny and the ACA Micro!! ain’t life funny?

The ACA Tiny

The ACA Tiny is made for all you tiny furry things! Made with the same scripts (just a little slower in speed) this boat is perfect for cruising and racing in tiny bodies!!

ACA Micro

This I think is going to be a revolution in sailing…. This micro sized ACA is perfect for one sim sailing courses, you can find them at such great clubs as Hollywoood Model Yacht Club. No sim crossing equal NO LAG!!! woot!!! You will need to provide your own micro avatar but really this could be the future of SL sailing.

ACA 3.1!!

After a year sailing the 3.0 it was time for an update to the boat.. with sexily curvy sails the craft now looks new. the scripts have been tweaked and the windshadows have been amended. This will be a free update. We intend to start distributing the boat after the finals of the ACA Trophy!

Big Big News!!

Want a sneak peak?? want to own one before the crowd??? Well heck you can!!! ACA in conjunction with the Sail For Life/Relay For Life weekend are giving you the opportunity to own a Micro Tiny or indeed the updated 3.1 at least a week before any of them are officially released!! Yup.. you will even get the 3.1 before me!!!

As always ACA are proud to be working together with SFL/RFL to find a cure for cancer. Its your weekend to make a difference.. I make no apologies for saying this, but, boney makes that difference!

We are auctioning off the Micro, the Tiny and the 3.1 off to the highest bidders. We are also selling off the SFL ACA Sails. Bidding or buying the sails will give out a strong signal and sign to the world that you care. Come down with deep pockets and spend freely.. a Fun weekend on the water is guaranteed! Fun starts Saturday and goes through to Sunday 1pm here is the landmark.  There is loads to see and lots to bid on so make your way down and enjoy. If your pockets aren’t that deep don’t worry there will be fun and low cost fun. We look forward to see you there!