ACA News

We keep creating interactive activities for sailing fans in Second Life. Soon the America’s Cup Class ACA33 Boat and Racer will be sailing second life waters. Owners of ACA32 Racers will get a free upgrade 😉

We have been listening to the wishes of the online sailing community and are pleased to include two much requested new features to the ACA33:

1. The first of these features is wind shadowing and leebowing. Your ACA33 will now slow as a result of your position in relation to other boats in the fleet and the position of the wind. Removing yourself from your opponent’s wind shadow or the dirty wind spilled off the back of their mainsail will allow you to bring the boat back up to your optimum speed.

2. The other feature that we have added is protest shouting. You are now free to either say “protest” or to use a gesture to say it for you. The ACA33 will listen for your call and shout the protest out loud for all to hear as required under the sailing rules.

We would like to thank Hans Zinnemann who has been working on these ACA33 script updates.

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Please, join “ACA Racer” group in Second Life for latest news and updates.

Florencia007 Csak
ACA Management