ACA33 2011 CUP

This is the initial notice of the 2011 ACA CUP. This is a major event in Second Life sailing and therefore it requires a great deal of planning. The ACA CUP will be split into three distinct racing groups, and each will have a separate path to the finals.

The overall race officer for this race series will be ‘Hawk’ (LDeWell Hawker) He has overall control of racing and setting.

The three groups:

The ACA Elite CUP This is the premiere race group.  Those sailors that are skilled and fast. ISAF rules in place and once selected races will be match races.     Match racing is the pinnacle of sail boat racing requiring all the dimensions of competition: sailing skill, strategy, and rules matched against an equally skilled skipper.

The ACA Intermediate Trophy will be for those sailors whom are skilled with the ACA33 3.0 but performance not quite up to the elite level.   These races will be fleet races under the basic ISAF rules with some accommodations for Second life racing.

ACA Light Trophy will be aimed at those sailors that have chosen the ACA Light to sail, either new to sailing or still a little unsure. The rule-set for this class will be simplified so all may have the opportunity to test their skills.

So what group should I be in?

Your ability to sail the ACA 3.0 will determine which group you qualify for.   To determine groups your sailing skills will be demonstrated on a course to challenge them.   A special event called a TIME TRIAL will be used to separate the ELITE and INTERMEDIATE racers and the top Lite sailors.   Once placed into a group, a series of seeded races will determine the final 4 racers from each group that will compete in the finals.    The seeded races will be MATCH RACING for the ELITE group, and four boat FLEET races for the INTERMEDIATE group and LITE group.    Your ranking from the time trials will determine your seed placing.    Top time is first seed in each group, each group will have 8 seeded racers.   A chart is provided to show race groups by seeding and path to the finals.
The three stages:

Stage 1 (Time Trials) ACA Lights and ACA33 3.0
Dates 02 May-15 May 2011

The ACA Lights ACA33 3.0’s will participate firstly on the time trial This time trial will take place in the Fruit Island sims.(click here for the landmark)  The course challenges your Velocity Made Good (VMG) knowledge. Upwind and tacking ability, windward rounding, running skill, lee gybe to windward and the final run to the finish.   Time trials will not be spectator events to insure consistency in the trials.

The time trials will be done over a period of one to two weeks depending on signups, and both a practice and formal trials sessions posted. There will be a limited set amount of laps sailed, each sailor will have no more than three official attempts. These laps will be monitored by an official of ACA race committee.  The course is open to practice and conditions for qualify winds are posted.

Tight control of the sims and calibration will insure consistency between trial dates.  In case of any question or the spread of times, the race committee reserves the right to have specific re-runs of any individuals with ties or any other factor deemed necessary.   YOUR SEEDING is dependent on your times, and it is of no advantage to do anything but your best times.  Details for the specific restrictions to have an accurate time are provided to each racer and posted at the course.

Elite Racers:  Ranking 1 – 8 (Fastest rank 1)
Intermediate racers: Ranking 8 – 16
Lite racers: Ranking 1-8

Time Trial Course

Stage 2 (Match Racing – Fleet racing to determine finalists) ACA33 3.0 only
Dates – 23May-05 June 2011

Once ranking for each group is determined by the time trials the following diagram shows the path for each group to determine the finalists.   If match racing each paring requires 3 matches to determine the winner.   If fleet racing low point scoring, with one drop for a three race series determines the next matching.   Failure to attend a match, or miss a fleet race is a forfit.  No race is for time, so re-dress for sailing conditions is not allowed.   Specific criteria is provided for a re-run or re-match.

Hawk will be doing specific instruction on the MATCH starting sequence as well as on MATCH RACING in general and specific rules that differ with the ISAF rules.   Self teaching presentations are available at the racing center in Muskmelon sim.

Sailors whom are matched that are in different time zones, we work with to accommodate a slot to do these MATCH races.Failure to do so would be a default loss for those races not done.

Scoring for the Fleet trials and finals will be low score drop one, tie breaker by place on dropped race.   Locations for these races will be announced.   It is expected that each race will be about ten to 12 minute races.

Stage 3 (Finals) ACA Lights and ACA33 3.0
Dates TBA

This will be held at Starboard Yacht Club in the Blake Sea. The course(s) will be notified to the finalists not before 1 week before the date of the finals.

The racing will take place on one weekend ISAF Rules that apply will will be based upon each group racing and will be very basic set for the Lite races.
So how do I join?

That’s simple!!

1) You just need to register your interest in the races by filling in a simple form that can be found here

2) Join the ACA 2011 Trophy Group here or…… if you do not have room for another group then please visit ACA Island and touch the subscribe-o-matic booth this can be found at ACA Island click here for the SLURL this will send information without you taking up extra room in your groups.

If you have any problems or concerns please direct them to myself. We will hold an Question and answer session sometime on Saturday 23 April 2011. Please could you post any questions to me first so I might have an idea what needs to be answered

Lastly may I wish you all the very best in this competition

Quirky Torok
ACA Management