ACA33 Racer v3 – Quick Start

There are 2 components for the ACA Racer – the boat and the HUD.  Here’s what we need to do to get going.

1. Rez the vehicle – “ACA33 Racer” from your inventory folder, preferably in a body of water 😉 – Make sure to *turn off* any AOs you might have.

2.  Rightclick on the hull or sails (if visible) and select “Board” and you will automatically sit on the skipper pose ball behind the starboard wheel. If you end up sitting on another place, stand up and repeat.

3. From your inventory, rightclick the “ACA33 HUD” object, horizintal or vertical, and select Wear – the default location is left side of the screen. Depending on your screen resolution, you may move it around and resize it as you like.  If you would like to resize it, right click on the HUD background, then edit and stretch it (select Stretch Both Sides and Stretch Textures, unselect Use Grid).

While there are a complete list of commands for monitoring and changing your yachting experience (you will find them listed in the companion notecard Sailing the ACA Racer), here are the essential ones that will get you out on the water:

Voice commands:
/1 raise <— raise the sails and get underway.
/1 moor <— lower sails and bring the boat to a stop.

Key commands:
left/right arrow keys <— steer the boat.

Or just click the corresponding buttons on the HUD – the up arrows raise the sails, the down arrows lower them, the L and R arrows let in/out the sails.

One last thing. When done sailing,  don’t forget to take or delete the boat from the world.

Florencia007 Csak
ACA Management

The Second Life America’s Cup ACA33 Class Boat and Racer is a collaborative project made possible by the efforts and talents of these Second Life Residents:
Project development and management: Florencia007 Csak
Project producers: Javier Merlin & Aca32 Barbosa
Vehicle and HUD scripting: Caf Binder
Boat sculpt modeling: Florencia007 Csak & Caf Binder
Full motion skipper and crew animations: Larinda Cordeaux

America’s Cup ACA33 Class Boat is sponsored by


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