Happy new year and other exciting news

It only seems a few short days since I had the pleasure of blogging on this site, however looking at the date of tha last blog its been 4 months!  Where has the time gone?

Activities at ACA have been fairly quiet and low-key in these intervening months however there are a few outstanding snippets of news that we feel our customers should know about.

Firstly we have moved ACA Island.. shock horror!!! well we moved about 100 yards to the right.. Our new home is in Santa Barbra sim. A little closer to Starboards Yacht Club and a little closer to the Sailing Academy. here is the LM for the new ACA Island

At this stage We would like to thank Nber Medici for providing the land at Santa Barbra, The support we have received from Nber, Mark and all at the USS has been of great support to ACA since the 32nd America’s Cup celebrations way back in 2007. At that time 9th.com were contracted by Alcatel-Lucent to provide content in Second Life.

So.. what else is new?… hmmm should I tempt you with some exciting news?? followed by some awesome news?

ok ok.. just a few lines then… we haven’t been totally asleep since September. Caf Binder has been hard at work and when Caf works we can be sure there will be ACA magic just around the corner. keep your eyes peeled for an update. absolutely no dates have been thought about or planned, so don’t ask.. lol.. One thing we do know.. It will be a free update to the 3.0.

Secondly…. This could get your juices flowing..  It’s getting close to ACA Trophy time again.. A short sharp tournament to find who is the best ACA sailor in Second Life. Last year Trapez Breen came out victorious! Who will it be this year? Again no plans for dates yet. We do want to give the One sailors a breather after their great cup series. However the format will be roughly the same as last year.. one weekend qualifying, followed by a finals weekend. quick and easy. More details to follow.

Lastly. a belated happy new year to you all from Florencia, Caf and myself. May 2011 bring peace joy and happiness


Quirky Torok

ACA Management

by 9th.com