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ACA RACER in-world groups

The ACA RACER groups in-world bring ACA owners the latest news, race schedules and product discounts and upgrades. You can use the group to chat with other ACA owners. Group members are allowed to send notices if hosting an ACA event/activities/races. Notices that are not ACA related will be considered as spamming and member may be ejected from the group.



You will find all the documentation, FAQ, race results, templates and much more in our wordpress blog


ACA RACER photos (ACA32 & ACA33)

Post your ACA Racer photos in the following Flickr group:


Custom sails and hull for your ACA Racer

Help on how to customize your ACA sails and hull, including photoshop templates are posted in our blog.



  • In-world: Florencia007 Csak or ACA32 barbosa.
  • By e-mail:

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