ACA Micro

The MICRO brings the ACA RACER family to the expanding market for micro sized avatars.

Sizes are based on the very popular NOTSO BIGAVS micro avatar standard, which offers articulated avatars around 0.37 m tall (compared to 2.30 m for a full 100% tall regular avatar and 0.82 m for “tiny” )

If needed, check Q&A below for hints about avatar sit positioning.

No matter its size, the MICRO is another real, true blood ACA.

ACA RACER MICRO contains a comprehensive subset of ACA RACER assets, allowing cruise or race at will.


* sculpted, flapping sails!
* backwards drift from facing wind;
* spinnaker and associated special behaviors;
* apparent wind;
* WWC – wind, waves, current standards compliant;
* top mast pennant light indicating race wind;
* windshadow, capable of exchanging effects with boats of other classes / builders;
* floating state, swinging with waves;
* while floating, boat will slowly get aligned to current stream;
* realistic sounds, through two independent audio channels;
* real polars;
* sails tack by the wind;
* many and adequate HUD features;
* efficient script performance.


(Q) What are the main differences between ACA RACER MICRO and ACA RACER V3.1?

(A) The official ACA RACER, presently at version 3.1 is a racing boat, the Formula 1 boat of its time, based on RL America s Cup Class v.5. It delivers full control to skipper at helm (and crew, if it is the case). Its modeling in SL has evolved a lot, simulating much of the behavior of sailing such a boat in RL.  It is a really beautiful, realistic sailing boat, which many want to try and own.

Main difference is obviously its size, for ACA RACER MICRO has all the major features of the full ACA, at small size and price. Some of the extra features are available only at the full ACA. See below.

(Q) What features are available only at full v3.1 ACA?

(A) Some features of the full ACA RACER v3.1 are not present in the MICRO, When  their owner feels like going to sail the real complete ACA RACER they will get:

– Full control of every sail trim extended for crew members at owner option.

– The complete set of HUDs, including, besides the Vertical one, the Horizontal HUD, allowing a different choice of on screen positioning, and the Info HUD, competition model, low lag and crash resistant.

– Showsail function, allowing your ACA to show any or all sails raised, as a model, while moored. Also, the full pack comes with a non scripted, no lag model for exhibition purposes.

– Eject function, allowing skipper to eject by name or all at once the (maybe undesired, boring 🙂 crew or griefer, sitting at the boat.

– Ability to save, with boat, personal user settings for wind, waves and current, which can be set for MICRO but will die at end of each sailing.

(Q) Is there any help you can give about micro avatar sit positioning?

(A) Sit positions and micro avatars

  • About the NOTSOBIGAVS HUDs

“NOTSOBIGAVS micro HUD 1.1” did NOT work at start. Micro avatar (modified default “Male Micro base avatar”) would always keep exploded. So we have used the old “NOTSOBIGAVS micro HUD” (pack one, v 1.0 possibly). With these settings, micro avatar will walk close to ground for “-0.9 Offset” while ACA Micro has had its sit positions set for “-0.8 Offset”.

Now, the v 1.1 hud seems to work well, and opportunity to try a more suitable ACA33Settings notecard is being taken. In general, as you will see in the video by Q and instructions below, question is to raise each sit position by around 0.5 m.

All in all, a new ACA33Settings notecard will accompany ACA Micro boats from now on. It is now focused on “NOTSOBIGAVS micro HUD 1.1” and use with a “-0.9 Offset”. Each Z sit position has been raised in 0.500 m. Check your notecard in the boat and try these settings for sit positions:

sittarget -1.0512 -0.1216 0.865     0.0 0.0 0.0 root
sittarget -0.27 -0.192 0.52     0.0 0.0 0.0 frontwinches
sittarget 0.364 0.13 0.59     0.0 0.0 45.0 rearwinches
sittarget -0.05 -0.152 -0.9     0.0 25.0 0.0 forestay
sittarget 0.00 0.124 0.626     0.0 0.0 -90.0 centergrinder
sittarget 0.128 0.192 0.726     0.0 0.0 -90.0 compasstower

  • About sit positions

For previous ACA33Settings notecard, picture 1 is what happens when your micro avi boards ACA Micro using “-0.9 Offset”. With NOTSOBIGAVS micro HUD 1.1 it will happen for both -0.8 and -0.9 offsets.

Picture 2 is what is supposed to happen, micro avi using old HUD and “-0.8 Offset”.

Note that adjustment was made to THAT avatar and trying to keep hands at wheel, even foot showing a little across the hull (Picture 3).

Micro avatars can be any size and it seems the SEC Micro Fox is a little bigger, so a better, custom adjustment may be desired. Usually being a question of Z, height, position, “ACA33Settings” notecard in the boat contents should be edited. Instructions are there at notecard, but in short, for sit positions we have one line for each sit, defined by prim name, “root” being the helm position.

Default helm (nicknamed root prim) line is:
sittarget -1.0512 -0.1216 0.365 0.0 0.0 0.0 root
sittarget PosX PosY PosZ RotX RotY RotZ primName
so Z position is 0.365, what means 0.365 meters above boat root prim position.

For example, changing it to
sittarget -1.0512 -0.1216 0.315 0.0 0.0 0.0 root
would move your seated micro avatar 5 centimeters down.

Of course you can alter all sit positions for use with -0.9 Offset. That will mean make them higher by around 0.5 meters, like for example
sittarget -1.0512 -0.1216 0.865 0.0 0.0 0.0 root

Make sure each time you change the notecard you stand up and board again only after it gets re-read by the boat, which will tell you so in chat, until a line “endofdata”, like exemplified below.

[11:04]  ACA RACER MICRO: ready.
[11:04]  ACA RACER MICRO: cameraposition -3.84 0.16 1.36
[11:04]  ACA RACER MICRO: cameralookingat 0.48 0.00 0.56
[11:04]  ACA RACER MICRO: sittarget -1.0512 -0.1216 0.865     0.0 0.0 0.0 root
[11:04]  ACA RACER MICRO: sittarget -0.27 -0.192 0.52     0.0 0.0 0.0 frontwinches
[11:04]  ACA RACER MICRO: sittarget 0.364 0.13 0.59     0.0 0.0 45.0 rearwinches
[11:04]  ACA RACER MICRO: sittarget -0.05 -0.152 -0.9     0.0 25.0 0.0 forestay
[11:04]  ACA RACER MICRO: sittarget 0.00 0.124 0.626     0.0 0.0 -90.0 centergrinder
[11:04]  ACA RACER MICRO: sittarget 0.128 0.192 0.726     0.0 0.0 -90.0 compasstower
[11:04]  ACA RACER MICRO: degreesperclick 5.0
[11:04]  ACA RACER MICRO: endofdata

As it happens with settings notecards in any ACA boats or HUDs, it does not need to be read each time boat is rezzed. Once defined and read, simply change its name (for example, to “ACA33Settings-ok”) and leave it like that until you want to change anything.


Check ACA33 RACER v3 page for general reference.

The Second Life America?s Cup ACA RACER Class 5 Boat and Racer is a collaborative project made possible by the efforts and talents of these Second Life Residents:
Project development and management: Florencia007 Csak
Project producers: Javier Merlin & Aca32 Barbosa
Vehicle and HUD scripting: Caf Binder
Boat sculpt modeling: Florencia007 Csak & Caf Binder
Full motion skipper and crew animations: Larinda Cordeaux

America’s Cup ACA33 Class Boat is sponsored by


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