Application to become a Challenger. Submit your ACA33 Racer Team by sending an e-mail to

Include the following:

  1. ACA33 Team Name
  2. Country
  3. Represented Yacht Club
  4. Sponsors names, if any
  5. Team members (names, titles and pics)
  6. Team bio (small story about your team)
  7. ACA33 Racer picture (a pic of your team’s ACA33 Racer)
  8. Team SL Landmark
  9. Website, if any

Selected Official Teams will have access to the ACA33 Racer Official Teams Clubhouse, where information about all teams will be displayed, a spot at ACA Port for the team’s ACA33 Racer boat, official ACA33 clothing, use of the Clubhouse for private parties and events.

Florencia007 Csak
ACA Management