ACA33 Racing at SYC……Fri Feb 13………..4.00pm

ACA33 Racing at SYC……………..4.00pm
Fri Feb 13 00:10:00 2009

Todays races for ACA33’s only will start with the SYC-109B course; yes the one where the buoy was missing last week, tee hee.
The buoy has been replace so all i need is loads of lovely skippers and their ACA33’s
Charts available on the line or in the attachment.







Totally automatic texturing for your ACA33 by Caf Binder


ACA33 Texture Pack NEW v1a

Congratulations! The script in this pack will automatically re-texturize you ACA33 to a new style.

Your ACA33 is made of 2 parts, Attachment and Racer. Just rez each one and drop the script into it.

Piece of cake!

The script will take care of colors and / or textures for main sail, jib and hull. When done, it warns you and deletes itself.

It take only seconds to accomplish task: around 5 for the Racer and less than 30 for Attachment part.

You will only need to take the boat back to your inventory, possibly renamed.

Blood Wave

Main sail:
– 6 textures (up, mid, low; port and starboard sides).

– 2 textures (up, low; same for both sides).

– hull: 10 textures;
– bord: 10 textures (same for both sides).

Total of 28 textures, applied to 40 prim faces.

Caf Binder
January 2009