So what next for the ACA Trophy??

We have whittled the contestants down to the finals groups last week.. So what now??

Well we will progress the Fleet races for the Intermediate Cup on the weekend of June 4th – 5th  and the Match races for the Elite cup week will be May 31st – June 5th

The Light cup contestants will go directly to the finals weekend!!

in-between now and the start of the Intermediate cup please feel free to use the Starboards Yacht Club Olympic Short course that we will be using for the fleet races

The light sailors should practice this course too as we will use that course for the finals weekend.

The Elite Cup racers should continue to practice match starts at the lines set up at Fruit Islands.


For the match racers Hawk has put some really good informational animations for you to use and study

You can download the animations from here  I can’t emphasize enough how useful these little animations are!!If you are in any doubt please contact Hawk, ewill do his best to help you all out!

Further to this Hawk has posted a presentation at the Breadnut start on various situations in match racing, and is as up to date on the rules as it can be.  These supplements the ones that are at the Muskmelon racing center.  It also has a little quiz at the end on ruling with a lee-bow attack a common manuver in MATCH racing but a very risky one!     further question regarding any situation

As well as virtual help why not watch the very best in real life sailing at SailTV. Fo rall three classes racing you can find some really useful video. For the fleets watch the TP52 and Soto40 races from Cascais last week, This was the first race meeting this year for these hard fighting boats. More Fleet racing will come out LIVE all summer! . For Match racing DO NOT miss the great WMRT feeds going through the year (watch out for this series its gonna get HUGE!)

Whatever you do.. keep racing! here’s the fleet races at NYC on Tuesday night (9 boats!) under the expert eye of Race Director Astro Marksman  and his very able assistant Willow Marksman. They run the very best ACA Races every Tuesday at 4pm

Fleet racing at NYC 24th May 2011 (copyright Bolt Bashly)

Fleet racing at NYC 24th May 2011. (Copyright Bolt Bashly)

So there it is.. Watch, Learn, Race!!!



WOW!!! .. This hasn’t been easy.. Keeping mum about the truly excellent times put in on the time trials for TWO WEEKS!!

But thank goodness the waiting is over I can report the finalists going through to the next rounds of the 2011 ACA Trophy! What an exciting two weeks these have been.

First and foremost a big thank you to Hawk for his tireless work in getting the racers to this stage!! I and the participants take our hats off to you sir. Every day you have battled the vagaries of the regions and the participants from all round the world. We had 34 racers from 10 countries!.. so without further ado.. here are the racers for the next round.

The ACA Elite Cup

1    Miwha Masala   IDMM10 —  00:09:14.64
2    Carmen Foden   ID28 —  00:09:20.09
3    Viciously Llewellyn   ID57 —  00:09:21.35*
4    Lothor Vlodovic   IDLV42 —  00:09:21.35*
5    takabou Destiny   ID1112 —  00:09:21.79
6    Silber Sands   ID75SS —  00:09:22.12
7    Bolt Bashly   IDBolt —  00:09:22.89
8    KazumaHs Destiny   IDKH32 —  00:09:23.20

* Ordered by tie breaker. Both will receive 3rd Prize

The ACA Intermediate Trophy

9    Cher Bravin   IDCB08-G —  00:09:24.11
10    Kurt Calamity   IDKC02 —  00:09:28.71
11    Elbag Gable   ID48EG —  00:09:33.46
12     joro Aya   IDslut —  00:09:34.91
13    Bea Woodget   IDBW90 —  00:09:35.90
14     Jimboo Shelbyville   IDJ_S+ —  00:09:40.43
15    Naeve Rossini   ID36DD —  00:09:41.03
16     Laycee Deed   IDmeee —  00:09:41.64

ACA Light Trophy

1    Ox Seetan   IDOS43 —  00:08:57.83
2    Fadamuito Boa   IDFB63 —  00:09:26.18
3    Orca Flotta   IDORCA —  00:09:43.79
4     Colin Nemeth   ID#008 —  00:10:39.24

All the above racers will go throug to the next rounds!

We need to get Hawk some looser shorts!!

Quirky Torok

ACA Management