Updated statement regarding the status of the revised ACA 2.5

(updated) The updated ACA will be with you soon. a few setbacks have delayed the predicted launch of this vehicle. We would rather get you a product that was right and works than rush a half finnished boat to you, however the list of improvements will still be generally the same. We predict the update will be 2

Here is a list of things to expect.

1) Rabid jib is fixed.
2) Physics with lowered sails resetting rotations is fixed
3) Polar modified and made “rounder” (to be determined)
4) user definable gesture channel
5) “skipper card” to allow others to sail your boat.
6) Boom offset on rez fixed

Update will be delivered automatically on rez of a 2.5 boat.  availability announced when its ready.


RACER Series Textures

Caf Binder has launched the RACER Series sets of textures for the ACA33 v2.5.


They are highly detailed textures sporting sails stitches and reinforcements, gradient colors, shadows, light reflections, elaborated ribbing, hull and deck details.


Every pack comes with both options, sails with or without windows, transparent panels.


The available sets are ACqua (acqua blue), Bruxo (orange), Black Silver (black), Pink Palace (shock pink), Red Hot (red), Violet Steel (violet).


They are available as individual packs, but buying any two gives you the right to ask a third one for free, while offer is in effect.