Race winds explained for the ACA 2.52

I was sailing in the Blake Sea the other day when Dutch flagged me down.. heres the convostation I had with him..

[10:58]  Dutch Hoorenbeek: i have a question
[10:58]  Quirky Torok: kk
[10:58]  Dutch Hoorenbeek: where am i supposed to see the hover text?
[10:58]  Dutch Hoorenbeek: i just accepted race wind and dont see it now
[10:58]  Quirky Torok: hehehe im just doing a blog about that
[10:58]  Dutch Hoorenbeek: ah ok
[10:59]  Quirky Torok: with the sails up you have to get close to the root prim (just above the keel)
[10:59]  Quirky Torok: the numbers come up in greeen
[10:59]  Quirky Torok: at the base of the sail
[11:00]  Dutch Hoorenbeek: inside the hull?
[11:00]  Quirky Torok: should be just above the hull
[11:00]  Dutch Hoorenbeek: i camera’d in and see the root prim as green
[11:00]  Quirky Torok: thats perfect you have race wind
[11:00]  Quirky Torok: can you se the numbers???
[11:01]  Quirky Torok: only when your sailing
[11:01]  Dutch Hoorenbeek: not in showsail
[11:01]  Quirky Torok: noooooo
[11:01]  Dutch Hoorenbeek: so a a maybe dumb question…..
[11:01]  Dutch Hoorenbeek: what’s that for exatly?
[11:01]  Quirky Torok: no such thing as a dumb question
[11:02]  Quirky Torok: its for race directors to see who is using race wind
[11:02]  Dutch Hoorenbeek: ah ok
[11:02]  Quirky Torok: it locks the wind so you cant change it mid race as well
[11:02]  Dutch Hoorenbeek: aye

One of the great new innovations on the new ACA 2.52 is the use of a race wind indicator, however  a few of the sailors are a little confused as to what it is and why its there. this blog is to explain it a little more. We have noticed how easy it could be for less honest sailors to enter races and to either increase the wind velocity or to stabalise the wind direction. We don’t think people have used this method, however better safe than sorry.

So heres how it works..

rezzing your ACA looks exactly the same

The root prim

Again this information shouldnt be too intrusive, and is there mainly for Race Directors to check for compliance with race rules. I hope this clears a few points up.


The New ACA 2.52

sailed in the first race by nory Igaly

The event of the year is here!!!! Its good to sail an ACA in Second Life
Rez your 2.5 ACA and Florencia will send you a brand new shiney 2.52 ACA.  There are so many cool updates. listed below. All this and we have a new home  in Santa Rosa

It couldn’t be easier to get hold of your new 2.52 ACA update, just rezz your old 2.51 ACA on the water and you should get a notecard and updated 2.52 ACA. PLease note that this will a seperate issue of the solo and the multi crew boat when you rezz both (one at a time)

Of course if your going to race your new ACA you will need to ID it..”id xxxx” — where xxxx is *up* to 4 characters.  Appends the characters to the boat name for regatta identification.

OK heres what has changed on the new ACA 2.52

ACA33 v.2.52 Release Notes
Race Wind
– Visible indication of race wind use: hover text, green,  close to mast foot, “RACE WIND xx.x kts”. No text for other, cruise winds.
– On rez, root prim color is white. After hearing a wind setter it will turn:

. dark red immediately and while “Ignore this” is answered;
. red after “Ignore all”;
. green after “Accept this”.
– Set wind and  “pp” (set phantom) commands ignored while using race wind.

Skipper other thanowner

– Owner must sit, say “unlock”, stand up. After that, next one user can sail the boat, until next stand up. (command “lock”also present)

User definable command channel

– On rez, boat tells current command channel. User change it by chat command “/xxx channel yyy” (xxx=current channel, yyy=new channel).

Other stuff

– “Rabid jib” fixed.- Sit text “Board”, instead of “Sit Here”.
– Parts of code cleaned, may be faster.
– Info HUD:  now called “ACA33 HUD – info”  and modifiable so “settings.ini” can be edited.
– Physics with lowered sails resetting rotations is fixed.

– Polar modified and made “rounder” (and a lil faster).
– Boom offset on rez fixed.

This is just the start of a new era in ACA sailing. Hopefully early next year a whole new total rebuild of the scripts, a spiniker.. What we would love is if you could tell us what you want in the next LARGE update! remember this boat is your boat. Unlike most other boat builders in Second Life we listern to our customers.

If you have a problem please let me (Quirky Torok) know.

Your ACA Team are

Florencia007 Csak (Owner)

Caf Binder (scrpiter and boatbuilder)

Quirky Torok (PR and big mouth)

Beta Testers Carmen Foden, Julia Ceres and Naeve Rossini