They are here!!!

We are proud to announce that the ACA 3.1 Update is available (this is a free update of course) .  additional to this The ACA Micro and the ACA Tiny are now on sale from your favorite vendor in world or from Second Life Marketplace

There are new pages to this blog to bring you up to speed on the changes and to the texturing. Due to the sails now being sculpts the sails need new textures. If you have sails you like use the new template to locate your existing sails and you should be done (make it sound easy don’t I?). The new templates are available here

If you already have the ACA 3.0 Simply rezz your 3.0 and you should be offered a new ACA from Florencia.. simply accept it and the new box will be in your inventory, you have the update!


New wonderful stuff from ACA and how to get them early!

Last April 1st we kind of played an April fools joke on you all by advertising a line of the most preposterous line up of new ACA products… Well this fooled some of you, but the sharp eyed amongst you spotted that we weren’t really going to start selling ACA Landing craft of submarines..

Well.. ummm yes.. we kind of fooled ourselves too.. two of the items we suggested were going to be made available were a mini and a micro version of the ACA… Three months later and ACA Proudly present!!!! The ACA Tiny and the ACA Micro!! ain’t life funny?

The ACA Tiny

The ACA Tiny is made for all you tiny furry things! Made with the same scripts (just a little slower in speed) this boat is perfect for cruising and racing in tiny bodies!!

ACA Micro

This I think is going to be a revolution in sailing…. This micro sized ACA is perfect for one sim sailing courses, you can find them at such great clubs as Hollywoood Model Yacht Club. No sim crossing equal NO LAG!!! woot!!! You will need to provide your own micro avatar but really this could be the future of SL sailing.

ACA 3.1!!

After a year sailing the 3.0 it was time for an update to the boat.. with sexily curvy sails the craft now looks new. the scripts have been tweaked and the windshadows have been amended. This will be a free update. We intend to start distributing the boat after the finals of the ACA Trophy!

Big Big News!!

Want a sneak peak?? want to own one before the crowd??? Well heck you can!!! ACA in conjunction with the Sail For Life/Relay For Life weekend are giving you the opportunity to own a Micro Tiny or indeed the updated 3.1 at least a week before any of them are officially released!! Yup.. you will even get the 3.1 before me!!!

As always ACA are proud to be working together with SFL/RFL to find a cure for cancer. Its your weekend to make a difference.. I make no apologies for saying this, but, boney makes that difference!

We are auctioning off the Micro, the Tiny and the 3.1 off to the highest bidders. We are also selling off the SFL ACA Sails. Bidding or buying the sails will give out a strong signal and sign to the world that you care. Come down with deep pockets and spend freely.. a Fun weekend on the water is guaranteed! Fun starts Saturday and goes through to Sunday 1pm here is the landmark.  There is loads to see and lots to bid on so make your way down and enjoy. If your pockets aren’t that deep don’t worry there will be fun and low cost fun. We look forward to see you there!

So what next for the ACA Trophy??

We have whittled the contestants down to the finals groups last week.. So what now??

Well we will progress the Fleet races for the Intermediate Cup on the weekend of June 4th – 5th  and the Match races for the Elite cup week will be May 31st – June 5th

The Light cup contestants will go directly to the finals weekend!!

in-between now and the start of the Intermediate cup please feel free to use the Starboards Yacht Club Olympic Short course that we will be using for the fleet races

The light sailors should practice this course too as we will use that course for the finals weekend.

The Elite Cup racers should continue to practice match starts at the lines set up at Fruit Islands.


For the match racers Hawk has put some really good informational animations for you to use and study

You can download the animations from here  I can’t emphasize enough how useful these little animations are!!If you are in any doubt please contact Hawk, ewill do his best to help you all out!

Further to this Hawk has posted a presentation at the Breadnut start on various situations in match racing, and is as up to date on the rules as it can be.  These supplements the ones that are at the Muskmelon racing center.  It also has a little quiz at the end on ruling with a lee-bow attack a common manuver in MATCH racing but a very risky one!     further question regarding any situation

As well as virtual help why not watch the very best in real life sailing at SailTV. Fo rall three classes racing you can find some really useful video. For the fleets watch the TP52 and Soto40 races from Cascais last week, This was the first race meeting this year for these hard fighting boats. More Fleet racing will come out LIVE all summer! . For Match racing DO NOT miss the great WMRT feeds going through the year (watch out for this series its gonna get HUGE!)

Whatever you do.. keep racing! here’s the fleet races at NYC on Tuesday night (9 boats!) under the expert eye of Race Director Astro Marksman  and his very able assistant Willow Marksman. They run the very best ACA Races every Tuesday at 4pm

Fleet racing at NYC 24th May 2011 (copyright Bolt Bashly)

Fleet racing at NYC 24th May 2011. (Copyright Bolt Bashly)

So there it is.. Watch, Learn, Race!!!


WOW!!! .. This hasn’t been easy.. Keeping mum about the truly excellent times put in on the time trials for TWO WEEKS!!

But thank goodness the waiting is over I can report the finalists going through to the next rounds of the 2011 ACA Trophy! What an exciting two weeks these have been.

First and foremost a big thank you to Hawk for his tireless work in getting the racers to this stage!! I and the participants take our hats off to you sir. Every day you have battled the vagaries of the regions and the participants from all round the world. We had 34 racers from 10 countries!.. so without further ado.. here are the racers for the next round.

The ACA Elite Cup

1    Miwha Masala   IDMM10 —  00:09:14.64
2    Carmen Foden   ID28 —  00:09:20.09
3    Viciously Llewellyn   ID57 —  00:09:21.35*
4    Lothor Vlodovic   IDLV42 —  00:09:21.35*
5    takabou Destiny   ID1112 —  00:09:21.79
6    Silber Sands   ID75SS —  00:09:22.12
7    Bolt Bashly   IDBolt —  00:09:22.89
8    KazumaHs Destiny   IDKH32 —  00:09:23.20

* Ordered by tie breaker. Both will receive 3rd Prize

The ACA Intermediate Trophy

9    Cher Bravin   IDCB08-G —  00:09:24.11
10    Kurt Calamity   IDKC02 —  00:09:28.71
11    Elbag Gable   ID48EG —  00:09:33.46
12     joro Aya   IDslut —  00:09:34.91
13    Bea Woodget   IDBW90 —  00:09:35.90
14     Jimboo Shelbyville   IDJ_S+ —  00:09:40.43
15    Naeve Rossini   ID36DD —  00:09:41.03
16     Laycee Deed   IDmeee —  00:09:41.64

ACA Light Trophy

1    Ox Seetan   IDOS43 —  00:08:57.83
2    Fadamuito Boa   IDFB63 —  00:09:26.18
3    Orca Flotta   IDORCA —  00:09:43.79
4     Colin Nemeth   ID#008 —  00:10:39.24

All the above racers will go throug to the next rounds!

We need to get Hawk some looser shorts!!

Quirky Torok

ACA Management

ACA33 2011 CUP

This is the initial notice of the 2011 ACA CUP. This is a major event in Second Life sailing and therefore it requires a great deal of planning. The ACA CUP will be split into three distinct racing groups, and each will have a separate path to the finals.

The overall race officer for this race series will be ‘Hawk’ (LDeWell Hawker) He has overall control of racing and setting.

The three groups:

The ACA Elite CUP This is the premiere race group.  Those sailors that are skilled and fast. ISAF rules in place and once selected races will be match races.     Match racing is the pinnacle of sail boat racing requiring all the dimensions of competition: sailing skill, strategy, and rules matched against an equally skilled skipper.

The ACA Intermediate Trophy will be for those sailors whom are skilled with the ACA33 3.0 but performance not quite up to the elite level.   These races will be fleet races under the basic ISAF rules with some accommodations for Second life racing.

ACA Light Trophy will be aimed at those sailors that have chosen the ACA Light to sail, either new to sailing or still a little unsure. The rule-set for this class will be simplified so all may have the opportunity to test their skills.

So what group should I be in?

Your ability to sail the ACA 3.0 will determine which group you qualify for.   To determine groups your sailing skills will be demonstrated on a course to challenge them.   A special event called a TIME TRIAL will be used to separate the ELITE and INTERMEDIATE racers and the top Lite sailors.   Once placed into a group, a series of seeded races will determine the final 4 racers from each group that will compete in the finals.    The seeded races will be MATCH RACING for the ELITE group, and four boat FLEET races for the INTERMEDIATE group and LITE group.    Your ranking from the time trials will determine your seed placing.    Top time is first seed in each group, each group will have 8 seeded racers.   A chart is provided to show race groups by seeding and path to the finals.
The three stages:

Stage 1 (Time Trials) ACA Lights and ACA33 3.0
Dates 02 May-15 May 2011

The ACA Lights ACA33 3.0’s will participate firstly on the time trial This time trial will take place in the Fruit Island sims.(click here for the landmark)  The course challenges your Velocity Made Good (VMG) knowledge. Upwind and tacking ability, windward rounding, running skill, lee gybe to windward and the final run to the finish.   Time trials will not be spectator events to insure consistency in the trials.

The time trials will be done over a period of one to two weeks depending on signups, and both a practice and formal trials sessions posted. There will be a limited set amount of laps sailed, each sailor will have no more than three official attempts. These laps will be monitored by an official of ACA race committee.  The course is open to practice and conditions for qualify winds are posted.

Tight control of the sims and calibration will insure consistency between trial dates.  In case of any question or the spread of times, the race committee reserves the right to have specific re-runs of any individuals with ties or any other factor deemed necessary.   YOUR SEEDING is dependent on your times, and it is of no advantage to do anything but your best times.  Details for the specific restrictions to have an accurate time are provided to each racer and posted at the course.

Elite Racers:  Ranking 1 – 8 (Fastest rank 1)
Intermediate racers: Ranking 8 – 16
Lite racers: Ranking 1-8

Time Trial Course

Stage 2 (Match Racing – Fleet racing to determine finalists) ACA33 3.0 only
Dates – 23May-05 June 2011

Once ranking for each group is determined by the time trials the following diagram shows the path for each group to determine the finalists.   If match racing each paring requires 3 matches to determine the winner.   If fleet racing low point scoring, with one drop for a three race series determines the next matching.   Failure to attend a match, or miss a fleet race is a forfit.  No race is for time, so re-dress for sailing conditions is not allowed.   Specific criteria is provided for a re-run or re-match.

Hawk will be doing specific instruction on the MATCH starting sequence as well as on MATCH RACING in general and specific rules that differ with the ISAF rules.   Self teaching presentations are available at the racing center in Muskmelon sim.

Sailors whom are matched that are in different time zones, we work with to accommodate a slot to do these MATCH races.Failure to do so would be a default loss for those races not done.

Scoring for the Fleet trials and finals will be low score drop one, tie breaker by place on dropped race.   Locations for these races will be announced.   It is expected that each race will be about ten to 12 minute races.

Stage 3 (Finals) ACA Lights and ACA33 3.0
Dates TBA

This will be held at Starboard Yacht Club in the Blake Sea. The course(s) will be notified to the finalists not before 1 week before the date of the finals.

The racing will take place on one weekend ISAF Rules that apply will will be based upon each group racing and will be very basic set for the Lite races.
So how do I join?

That’s simple!!

1) You just need to register your interest in the races by filling in a simple form that can be found here

2) Join the ACA 2011 Trophy Group here or…… if you do not have room for another group then please visit ACA Island and touch the subscribe-o-matic booth this can be found at ACA Island click here for the SLURL this will send information without you taking up extra room in your groups.

If you have any problems or concerns please direct them to myself. We will hold an Question and answer session sometime on Saturday 23 April 2011. Please could you post any questions to me first so I might have an idea what needs to be answered

Lastly may I wish you all the very best in this competition

Quirky Torok
ACA Management

News from Japan

It has been three weeks since the world heard of the tragic natural disaster in the North East of Japan.

So far it is rather sketchy news from our friends in the North East of Japan. I have contacted Taku to find out as much as I can on the friends we have made in that country. It was with great relief today I found Miwha Masala‘s blog, and she is safe!

I am watching NHK news cast as I am writing this. Personally speaking I am very very humbled by the way the Japanese people have reacted to this disaster. Calmly and with intelligence that the country has reacted and coped with the situation.

So, the question is what can we do in Second Life to help?

Tradewinds Yacht club held a very successful auction event supporting relief efforts. They have a huge mountain of Linden bears which have collected a total of $L400,00!  Click here for a link to the blog page.

The Linden donation bears were a real positive step by Linden Labs to aid the relief efforts they can still be found here.

Caf has also been raising the awareness and showing support for the Japanese people. He has created a suit of ACA sails that will show all around that you support.

They can be found at ACA Island. The money donated for these sails will go to earthquake relief. Wear yours with pride and show your support, not just now, but in the future, the clean up and reconstruction of this area of Japan will take a long time. This is no fashion accessory this is showing long-term commitment to our friends, and in Second Life we stand firmly besides our friends no matter where they are in the world.

Quirky Torok

ACA Management

It’s been a bad week

Unfortunately there are times in life that just make us sit down and wonder what is going on. Some times life is beyond our comprehension and defies reason. This week we have witnessed two very bad pieces of news, and it would be remiss of us to let them go unnoticed in this blog.

Epicurus Emmons

It was with great shock and sadness that on Thursday we learnt of the death of a truly great figure in Second Life sailing. Epicurus (or Epi to his friends) was one of those truly nice and helpful people we meet along the way. He was a co-founder of Fishers Island Yacht Club, he was selfless in his help, he was truly unlimited in his friendship.He will be sadly sadly missed.

Below is a wonderful video prepared by Surfwidow Beaumont it truly reflects Epi. I would like to thank Surfwidow for this tribute. I will let the video do the talking. It is more eloquent than any words i could possibly type. It left me with a tear in my eye and a hump in my throat that simply will not go away, nor should it. We are mising a friend

He will be so very badly missed in  the real world and in our virtual world. Our thoughts go out to Pippa Rexen (his second life wife and real life wife) and the family he left with a huge hole in their lives.

Fair winds Epi

Japanese Earthquake

The virtual world is a small one, however our friends are from all corners of the world. Therefore it is with increasing incredulity and sadness that we witness the events unfolding in Japan. We have many sailors friends that we have grown to know and respect  in that part of the world.

Our thoughts go out to all affected by this ongoing disaster. I have still to hear of many of our friends in that part of the world, with each day of not knowing our prayers grow stronger that they are free from harm.

As of yet I am reluctant to give out information on how one may financially help this area of the country, however if there is any thing concrete we can do I will be the first to relay that information to you. It will probably be to the Redcross in Japan, however let the authorities do their job and inform us how they want help.

Quirky Torok

ACA management

March news from ACA

Good morning/afternoon/evening to all!

Just a few news snippets from ACA to keep you all up to date on happenings with all that is ACA.

ACA Lights

Firstly I am really happy that we have a growing number of ACA Light users welcome to the family guys! As promised we are starting a set of selected races/training sessions for this boat. Last night we had our first complete beginners race. Sailing Conditions weren’t the best, but we did get a flavour of racing. Many thanks go out to Miwha, Massy and Bolt for coming down in their 3.0’s and to Tingle and Anastasia for trying out racing. And of course to Colin for winning both races!

Anastasia in front of Massy!!

You cant beat coco!

After racing it was a cup of steaming coco! lovely. More events to follow. Keep your eyes peeled.

Lastly in this section I am producing a short video on the Light as a quick guide to sail it. I will announce it in the owners groups as soon as it is finalised.


ACA33 Trophy.

Its getting to that time of year… excitement is growing questions are being asked. To be honest we want to give sailors in SL a short break from large sailing events. However that being said we having a great conversation with leading SL/RL sailors about the format and the shape of the Trophy. That being said there are a few details I can announce. Firstly the racing will not be drawn out, it will be short and fast. It will be a lot fairer than last year. The boats will not be crewed it will be the skipper alone that sails (so no waiting for your crew to log back on before you finnish a race)

Lastly I can confirm the finals will be held at Starboard Yacht Club.

Race Directors

II have produced a short informational video on youtube to help you recognise ACA33 3.0 boats from ACA Light boats.

I hope it is of use to you.

Last note on racing

The Second Life Sailing calendar is being updated If you want to race your ACA33  Please take a look here for information of races going on in your time zone. If you are interested in holding races please contact either myself or the commodore of the club you wish to race at. I am personally happy to give as much help as i can to ensure ACA stays at the top of Second Life sailing. At the moment from experiance i can see we have regular ACA33 3.0 Racing at the following times and locations

Tuesday 4.00pm @ NYC

Wedensday 5.30am @NYC

Thursday 12.00 @ FIYC

Friday 6pm @ NYC

Saturday 6.00pm @ NYC

You can of course sail your ACA33 at big boat events such as:-

Sunday 4.00pm @ NYC

Tuesday 11.00am @ FIYC

Happy sailing to you alll and remember to keep the flappy side of your boat up!

Quirky Torok

ACA Management

Introducing the ACA LIGHT

At ACA we want to expand.. expand the range of options open to you the SL sailors and especially to those not already bitten by the Second Life sailing bug.

To you guys we introduce the ACA LIGHT. So what is this “new” boat?

The ACA LIGHT is for all appearances a ACA33 3.0 but without the difficulties of setting sail angles. The main the jib and the spinnaker set themselves, just leaving the sailor to enjoy the views as the cruise around the Second Life seas.

It is aimed at new sailors that do not wish to have to consider the complexities of the 3.0.

It is aimed at the experienced sailors that just want to  cruise.

It is aimed at those that have difficulties in real life control a very technical and demanding boat.

In short it is a light version of the ACA33 3.0, we have stripped some of the scripts out we have simplified the sailing. This doesn’t mean to say there wont be races especially for the ACA LIGHT. This boat is a great incentive to new racers to cut their teeth in competition without the hassle of getting the boat moving in the first place. There will be a specific ACA LIGHT group for announcements and calling ACA LIGHT Specific races.

As this boat always has the sails set to the correct angle the boat is fast!!! hence I am afraid the ACA LIGHT will not be permitted to race in ACA33 3.0 races. Once the new sailor has mastered steering and tactics he/she may progress onto the full-blooded ACA33 3.0. I have added below the Release notes from Caf of the ACA Light.. On behalf of ACA management and we very much hope you will enjoy the ACA LIGHT. It will not be the last of the new boats coming out to you in the future.

Quirky Torok

ACA Management




A real, true blood ACA at such a small price is an irresistible bargain to start with.

ACA RACER LIGHT has automatic sails trim. Sailor will only have to raise sails,
steer the boat, lower sails. She has its own hull and sails textures, mostly based
on white, allowing sailor to change the prims colors, instead of whole textures,
easily getting a personalized boat.  LIGHT comes with just the vertical HUD.

ACA RACER LIGHT contains a comprehensive subset of ACA RACER assets,
plus automatic sails trim, making it very pleasant and easy to sail even by those
who never stepped into a sailboat, in SL or RL.

For the experienced sailor, especially the ACA v3.0 user, ACA RACER LIGHT will
still offer the chance of relaxed cruises and whole new kinds of races,
among LIGHT boats or mixed fleets.


* spinnaker and associated special behaviors;
* apparent wind;
* WWC – wind, waves, current standards compliant;
* top mast pennant light indicating race wind;
* windshadow, capable of exchanging effects with boats of other classes / builders;
* floating state, swinging with waves;
* while floating, boat will slowly get aligned to current stream;
* realistic sounds, through two independent audio channels;
* real polars;
* mega prim sails;
* sails tack by the wind;
* many and adequate HUD features;
* efficient script performance;


(Q) What are the main differences between ACA RACER LIGHT and ACA RACER V3.00?

(A) The official ACA RACER, presently at version 3.00 is a racing boat, the Formula 1 boat
of its time, based on RL America s Cup Class 5. It delivers full control to skipper at helm
(and crew, if it is the case). Its modeling in SL has evolved a lot, simulating much of the
behavior of sailing such a boat in RL. The other side of the same coin is that it made it
difficult, or perhaps hard-working, to sail for the non experimented or the pleasant,
weekend sailor. Still, however, it is a really beautiful, realistic sailing boat,
which many want to try and own.

ACA RACER LIGHT, with simpler features and automatic sails trim, comes to fulfill that
desire to sail a true ACA but at leisure. It will allow for example nice landscape watching
while sailing. Keep an eye at rudder and relax about everything else.

No matter what, ACA RACER LIGHT is fine for cruises but can race against other LIGHTs
or in a mixed fleet with ACA v3.00. Note that events, cups and competitions for
ACA RACER v3.00 cannot be joined by the LIGHT and vice versa.
LIGHT is always identifiable and cannot be mistaken as a v3.00.

All in all, LIGHT was created over the ACA RACER v3.00 platform,
but thinking about the beginner, the sail for pleasure, and
still keeping the satisfaction even an experienced v3.00 sailor would search for.

(Q) What will LIGHT owners gain when they decide to buy the V3.00?

(A) Some features of the full ACA RACER v3.00 are not present in the LIGHT,
firstly because they can maybe never interest the leisure sailor. When
their owner feels like going to sail the real complete ACA RACER they will get:

– Full control of every sail trim, also by the hands of crew members,
which is a prerequisite for real, official competition. Note that the
automatic sail trim is not, nor will ever be, present in the full ACA v3.00.

– The complete set of HUDs, including, besides the Vertical one, the
Horizontal HUD, allowing a different choice of on screen positioning,
and the Info HUD, competition model, low lag and crash resistant.

– Showsail function, allowing your ACA to show any or all sails raised,
as a model, while moored. Also, the full pack comes with a non scripted,
no lag model for exhibition purposes.

– Eject function, allowing skipper to eject by name or all at once the
(maybe undesired, boring 🙂 crew or griefer, sitting at the boat.

– Ability to save, with boat, personal user settings for
wind, waves and current, which can be set for LIGHT
but will die at end of each sailing.


* compatible with WWC system features, cruise and race, shared windshadow, and also capable to deal with WWC local conditions, up to a maximum of simultaneous 15 different locals.

* windshadow, capable to throw and receive wind shadow and wind bend between ACA, Fizz, Shelly, boats based on the DIY kit and more to come, like the Jangars;

* race wind, wave and current check indicated by a top mast “pennant light”; all boats in the same race must change light simultaneously and to the same color;

* standing up, and by that getting boat moored, will lose race wind and its indicators; next boarding will load default wind (waves and current);

* class name for WWC setters including version;


* swing over waves (can get you sea sick 🙂

* losing speed drastically reduces ability to turn; running aground or in irons is big mess;

* inertial steering, after holding left or right arrow for a while, or precise one when done by quick keys taps;

* any sail can be used alone or combined, except for jib and spin, which cannot be up together; raising one automatically lowers the other;

* spinnaker raise / lower through transparency;

* speed penalty and time delay for sail to be effective when raising or lowering spinnaker;

* spinnaker boom/pole kept on deck;

* “spin slap” – when you go too much upwind with a raised spin you can suffer the spin slap, represented by extra heeling and huge speed and turning power decrease; on strong winds the only way out may be to lower the spin;

* with currents introduction, comes water speed concept, that is, speed relative to water and not to ground; some behaviors, like wake emission and turn rate are affected by that;

* waves and wind will try and push bow or stern away, especially at low boat speeds;

* while floating, boat will slowly get aligned to current stream;

* sounds, especially for crackings and hitting metal;

* ability to have partially transparent boom, to allow better mouse mode view sailing;

* 25 prims, what allow to carry skipper at helm and many crew;

* protest command to shout;

* Commands moor or lower all sails, from chat or HUD, will set boat to floating state. Complete mooring by standing up.

* Minimum sail set angles, in degrees, aproximately based on RL boat: jib 10, spin 30, main sail zero.

* spin raise or lower are indicated by whispered chat text;

* ability to ignore specific wind setters by ignore list, after “Ignore this” answer;

* Wind setter dialog shows windsetter name and more data. Example:
Caf Binder’s “ACA33 v3 Racer”
Wind setter: “WWC Setter ACA Island”
Wind speed: 14.9 kts
Wind direction (from): 0 deg
Wave heigth: 0.5 m
Current speed: 1.0 kts
Current direction (to): 90 deg

Accept this | Ignore this | Ignore all

* Chat command “/1 set” alone, shows “present” data (not “saved” data)

* “/1 ?” or “/1 help” command gives a summary of chat commands;

* more chat commands:
– protest [text]
– unlock, lock: allow guest at helm
– raise [all | jib | main | spin]
– moor or lower: set boat to floating
– id [AA99]

* units used:
– compass angles (N=0 degrees, clockwise)
– speeds in knots
– distances in meters



* JIB or SPIN sail presently up, effective, raised, indication below wind angle.

* JIB or SPIN active destination for commands from HUD indicated by a lit button and can be toggled by clicking any of them. Not to be confused with JIB or SPIN sail in effect.

* HUD able to indicate apparent or true wind angles; WIND button

* negative, backwards, speed indication;

* HUD able to indicate wind shadow (wind speed) or bend (wind angle) effects by colors
– no color = no effect
– tones of yellow = growing effect, up to 50% of maximum
– tones of orange = growing effect, up to 99% of maximum
– red = 100% of maximum

* HUD shows ground speed. You ll see it slowering when against current (and will have to adjust sails as well).

* WIND button, used to choose wind to display between TWA and AWA, also provides a third state which is to keep changing displayed wind from AWA to TWA and back, at a rate of 3 seconds for each display. Repeatedely clicking WIND button will select APP, TRUE or blinking state.

* As it was it previous ACA versions, burnt given HUDs allow crew to watch instruments.

February, 2011



The Second Life America?s Cup ACA RACER Class 5 Boat and Racer is a collaborative project made possible by the efforts and talents of these Second Life Residents:
Project development and management: Florencia007 Csak
Project producers: Javier Merlin & Aca32 Barbosa
Vehicle and HUD scripting: Caf Binder
Boat sculpt modeling: Florencia007 Csak & Caf Binder
Full motion skipper and crew animations: Larinda Cordeaux

America’s Cup ACA33 Class Boat is sponsored by