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Meterverse sailing the well known and well regarded electronic Second Life sailing magazine has now published their views on the ACA33 v3.0!!

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~Announcing the ACA 3.0 ~ Let’s Talk To Caf and Quirky About It!

The Launch Party for the ACA 3.0 will be on Saturday August 21st at noon in the Hollywood Bowl! (program here)
I know that many people have a LOT of questions about the new boat, so I was happy to be able to corral Caf Binder and Quirky Torok in the midst of their work to answer some questions.  I VERY much appreciate the fact that they took the time to answer.  SOOO, let’s dive into it!
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by Nber Medici on August 19, 2010




  • spinnaker and associated special behaviors;
  • apparent wind;
  • WWC – wind, waves, current standards compliant;
  • top mast pennant light indicating race wind;
  • new windshadow, capable of exchanging effects with boats of other classes / builders;
  • floating state, swinging with waves;
  • while floating, boat will slowly get aligned to current stream;
  • brand new sounds, through two independent audio channels;
  • real polars;
  • mega prim sails;
  • sails tack by the wind (tack command deprecated);
  • eject control;
  • many and adequate new HUD features;
  • all v2.53 features, kept;
  • completely recoded to faster and more efficient script performance;



  • compatible with WWC system features, cruise and race, shared windshadow, and also capable to deal with WWC local conditions, up to a maximum of simultaneous 15 different locals.
  • new windshadow, capable to throw and receive wind shadow and wind bend between ACA, Fizz, Shelly, boats based on the DIY kit and more to come, like the Jangars;
  • windshadow calculations based also on estimated other boat apparent wind and boom position;
  • complete review and recoding of all scripts; lag reducing measures at countless spots;
  • up to date script tecnhology, taking advantage of new LSL functions available from Second Life Server 1.38.* and up;
  • functions distributed among scripts for maximum efficiency: control and sailing engine, wwc interpreter functions, polars, particle system, set data, windshadow, moving parts, wwc receiver functions, settings card reader, data storage and transient sounds;
  • from previous 17 scripts, ACA33 has now 4 central controls and engine scripts, all at root prim; besides that, only the still inevitable two for email sending and scripts for animated / ejectable sit targets;
  • ability to set and save user wind, waves and current;
  • prim names reviewed and organized;
  • race wind, wave and current check indicated by a top mast “pennant light”; all boats in the same race must change light simultaneously and to the same color;
  • standing up, and by that getting boat moored, will lose race wind and its indicators; next boarding will load set / skipper saved wind (waves and current);
  • class name for WWC setters including version;
  • eject control:
    . Command “eject” through chat (via gesture, if so wanted) with this syntax:
    . eject (alone) : eject all crew
    . eject on : lock (remaining) seats (no one gets ejected here; useful to lock to strangers after crew is complete)
    . eject off : unlock seats (default state at each rez)
    . eject abc : eject avatar which name is or starts with abc (case insentitive)



  • higher timer frequency, for faster overall response;
  • realistic behavior as much as possible;
  • swing over waves (can get you sea sick 🙂
  • losing speed drastically reduces ability to turn; running aground or in irons is big mess;
  • inertial steering, after holding left or right arrow for a while, or precise one when done by quick keys taps;
  • any sail can be used alone or combined, except for jib and spin, which cannot be up together; raising one automatically lowers the other;
  • spinnaker raise / lower through transparency;
  • speed penalty and time delay for sail to be effective when raising or lowering spinnaker;
  • spinnaker boom/pole kept on deck;
  • “spin slap” – when you go too much upwind with a raised spin you can suffer the spin slap, represented by extra heeling and huge speed and turning power decrease; on strong winds the only way out may be to lower the spin;
  • with currents introduction, comes water speed concept, that is, speed relative to water and not to ground; some behaviors, like wake emission and turn rate are affected by that;
  • waves and wind will try and push bow or stern away, especially at low boat speeds;
  • while floating, boat will slowly get aligned to current stream;
  • new sounds, especially for crackings and hitting metal;
  • ability to have partially transparent boom, to allow better mouse mode view sailing;
  • with one mega prim each sail, boat has gained spinnaker and spinnaker boom/pole and still got reduced by one prim overall; total now: 25 prims, what allow to carry skipper at helm and many crew;
  • protest command to shout;
  • new default camera position defined at ACA33Settings notecard, which can be deleted or renamed after use; When you change any of those positions, they become valid for the next times you sit. So if you re already sitting, you need to stand up and sit again.
  • new animated seats can be defined through ACA33Settings notecard through lines with syntax: “sittarget PosX PosY PosZ RotX RotY RotZ”;
    – with this, will have a sit target;
    – copying script “SEAT” found at some prims to the new seat prim inventory will allow use of first animation also put there to replace default sit animation;
    – example is prim and the line “sittarget -1.5 -1.2 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 frontwinches”;
    – remember: after loaded, you can rename notecard for it doesnt need to be loaded at each rez.
  • degrees-per-click
    ACA33Settings includes parameter
    – degreesperclick 5.0
    – replace the default sails trim 5 deg up/down keyboard arrows and HUD arrow clicking.
    – saved with boat, no need to re-read the notecard each rez.
  • Commands moor or lower all sails, from chat or HUD, will set boat to floating state. Complete mooring by standing up.
  • Minimum sail set angles, in degrees, aproximately based on RL boat: jib 10, spin 30, main sail zero.
  • spin raise or lower are indicated by whispered chat text;
  • ability to ignore specific wind setters by ignore list, after “Ignore this” answer;
  • Wind setter dialog shows windsetter name and more data. Example:
    Caf Binder’s “ACA33 v3 Racer”
    Wind setter: “WWC Setter ACA Island”
    Wind speed: 14.9 kts
    Wind direction (from): 0 deg
    Wave heigth: 0.5 m
    Current speed: 1.0 kts
    Current direction (to): 90 degAccept this | Ignore this | Ignore all
  • Chat command “/1 set” alone, shows “present” data (not “saved” data)
  • Chat command “/1 set save” saves present data to the boat
  • “/1 ?” or “/1 help” command gives a summary of chat commands;
  • chat commands to check or save wind, waves, current and user data
    – … display
    set [save] = shows everything; or save current data;
    set = shows that block data (wind, wave, current or user)
    – … set
    set wind [dir-FROM [speed [gusts [shifts [change rate]]]]]
    set wave [height [length [speed [Hvar% [Lvar% [originX [origin Y [water depth]]]]]]]]
    set curr[ent] [dir-TO [speed [water depth]]]
    set channel [channel#]
    set alpha [%opaque] [“boom” or negative number for %opaque]
    set showsail [off] | [jib(=1)] [spin(=2)] [main(=4)] [port(=*-1)] (or numbers sum)
  • more chat commands:
    – protest [text]
    – unlock, lock: allow guest at helm
    – raise [all | jib | main | spin]
    – moor or lower: set boat to floating
    – m, j, s [+- 0 to 90]: mainsail, jib, spin sheets
    – id [AA99]
    – eject [on | off |  <name or part of>]
  • units used:
    – compass angles (N=0 degrees, clockwise)
    – speeds in knots
    – distances in meters



  • one script per HUD now; 42 scripts made into one, both at H and V HUDs;
  • JIB or SPIN sail presently up, effective, raised, indication below wind angle.
  • JIB or SPIN active destination for commands from HUD indicated by a lit button and can be toggled by clicking any of them. Not to be confused with JIB or SPIN sail in effect.
  • HUDs able to indicate apparent or true wind angles; WIND button
  • negative, backwards, speed indication;
  • panel texture reviewed to accommodate new buttons;
  • Tack command is deprecated. We now deal with sheets only and cannot “push” sail away. We have the keyboard arrows as: up=more sheet, down=less sheet. Similar behavior at HUDs: since up and down already are raise and lower, they adopt left=less sheet, right=more sheet.
  • a few less prims, wherever possible;
  • HUD channel encrypted;
  • settings notecard at INFO HUD for text color;
    – text color saved, so notecard is needed just once.
  • H and V HUDs able to indicate wind shadow (wind speed) or bend (wind angle) effects by colors
    – no color = no effect
    – tones of yellow = growing effect, up to 50% of maximum
    – tones of orange = growing effect, up to 99% of maximum
    – red = 100% of maximum
  • Info HUD able to indicate wind shadow (wind speed) or bend (wind angle) effects by “***”
    – no indication = no effect
    – * = growing effect, up to 50% of maximum
    – ** = growing effect, up to 99% of maximum
    – *** = 100% of maximum
  • HUD shows ground speed. You ll see it slowering when against current (and will have to adjust sails as well).
  • WIND button, used to choose wind to display between TWA and AWA, also provides a third state which is to keep changing displayed wind from AWA to TWA and back, at a rate of 3 seconds for each display. Repeatedely clicking WIND button will select APP, TRUE or blinking state.
  • As it was it previous ACA versions, burnt given HUDs allow crew to also handle the boat.

August, 2010


The Second Life America’s Cup ACA33 Class Boat and Racer is a collaborative project made possible by the efforts and talents of these Second Life Residents:
Project development and management: Florencia007 Csak
Project producers: Javier Merlin & Aca32 Barbosa
Vehicle and HUD scripting: Caf Binder
Boat sculpt modeling: Florencia007 Csak & Caf Binder
Full motion skipper and crew animations: Larinda Cordeaux

America’s Cup ACA33 Class Boat is sponsored by

The Revolution begins!!!!

Date: Saturday 21st August 2010
Time: 12.00pm SL time

12.00: A few words from the ACA team (Florencia007 Csak, Caf Binder, Quirky Torok)
12.10: Video presentation
12.20: Photographic competition winner announcement
12.30-13.30: Pink Floyd Tribute concert

Be part of the ACA33 v3.0 revolution!

Florencia007 Csak
ACA Management