Meet with Q

Its something i have been meaning to do for a while now, and never seemed to get round to it.Tonight however I managed to have our first ‘Ask Q’ session. I had a few questions asked and i think i managed to answer all of them… mostly correctly as well!

The idea is simple. Come and ask me questions about the ACA in world. It’s mainly aimed at our new ACA sailing friends but anyone can come along and ask  a sensible question.

The first question was from Ultralas Moleno about the hull texture.. Fir the moment i gave him an old texture of mine to transfer out of Second Life and into Gimp. I may well add a layered version on this blog soon.

The second question was about the sailing angles that the ACA can be sailed at.. well simple answer is.. suck it and see.. Thats part of the fun of sailing.. see what sail angle is right for the conditions.

The majority of the other questions were about the new ACA 3.0 that is expected.. Well.. for the moment I am keeping quiet about this… hehehehe theres nothing like anticipation.. all i can say is that it will be truly awesome. We have Caf and Neron tied up in the workshops working tirelessly scripting and sculpting for your sailing pleasure. maybe in a week i may have a little news for you.. and by the way.. no we do not need any more beta

Ok that about wraps it up for today.. I will be holding more meetings in the near future at other time zones fro all our wonderful community to get involved.

Quirky Torok

ACA management

P.S. before i forget…. please take a peek at Aquarious’s wonderful set of pictures here, they are a wonderful set of photographs of the recent ACA trophy.