ACA-SL CUP 2010 in Second Life

This page contains all OFFICIAL information, ARTICLES and external LINKS to the ACA-SL CUP 2010 useful documents.

The AmericasCupAnywhere (ACA) is developed by


Discussions and official posts:


Articles on ACA Racer blog:

(all by Quirky Torok – ACA Management)


Articles on SLSAILING.COM:


Videos by MarkTwain White (45 minutes of videography !!!)

Nber Medici: “The process of putting these videos together is long and arduous … Anyway, the payment for doing this labor of love is the reaction from the community. So I would like to ask that after you watch the videos that you take just a few seconds to rate the video and if the spirit moves you even leave a comment or two. We really enjoy doing this… we’d like to know if you enjoy it also. Thanks !!”


Other medias gracefully provided

Florencia007 Csak
ACA Management

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