ACA and Sail For Life weekend

OK the big weekend of the 19/20th of June is fast approaching. So what is ACA doing for this weekend.. well.. you know about the auctions. Yep that’s right you remember. We are holding an auction of two of the beta boats, with an automatic place on  the beta testing teams..We already have Caf’s wonderful Sail4Life ACA sails that can be found at ACA island in Santa Rosa.. (Land mark)

Well what more can we do to raise money? ummmmmmmmmm RACE of course you clods!!!

Heres the idea.. and heres the poster.

OK The plan is simple.. We will hold a series of match races on a date to be confirmed, (either 19th or 20th of June) for up to 8 sailors (or their representatives). To gain entry to these races we will be holding an auction. The highest bid wins a place in the races.. I’m sorry this has absolutely nothing to do with seamanship but a lot to do with raising money..

The winning bidder can either race themselves or appoint a helm for the races. The winner will receive bragging rights a cup and a big fat cigar!

Race rules

Lets keep em simple!!! as I will be umpiring the event we got to keep it simple.. the rules for the day can be found here.

Yes it’s that simple!

Auction booths will be placed at ACA Island in the very near future and I fully expect a great set of races. For more information on how the Second Life sailing community is helping to fight cancer please take a minute to look here

Many thanks and I look forward to seeing you on the water!! I faithfully promise this is the last racing ACA will do in SL for the time being…. other than the SLV Trophy.. I promise.. cross my heart and everything. (untill the 3.0 version comes out)

Quirky Torok

ACA management


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