What’s New in ACA v2.5


Script mods

  • Solo boat only  – All non essential scripts removed.  NO pose scripts and no poses in the boat at all.
  • multi crew boat – Embedded poses and removal of pose balls.  Poses are embedded in specific prims, and contain a user modifiable notecard to set the pose position.

All boats

  • Modification to performance polar.  Boat now sails at much more realistic speed on beam reach.  This has had a slight flow on to other headings, but these are almost immeasurable (fractions of a knot).  Performance increase from wind dir 30 through to wind dir 110, with peak peformance at 90 HTW being “faster than the wind” but a small amount (2 knots max).
  • Modification to wind shadow – reduced from 25% at 75m to 10% at 65m.  Lee bow effect is unchanged.

Prim mods

  • All prims have been replaced, predominantly with sculpted prims.
  • The mast on the new boat has been awarded the “best single prim mega sculpt” by the SL Sculptors association.
  • The Hull, mast, and forestay are all zero loss mega prims.
  • Grinder, wheel and winch prims are now single prim sculpts (each position)
  • Removal of pose balls from ALL boats
  • different prim counts on the solo and multicrew boats.  This is to allow more crew to be carried on the multi crew, but had to be done by sacrificing some minor prim detail (sail pit hatch is removed).
  • New look texturing using graduated blue and white.  Very sexy 🙂
  • Sails (main and jib) have had texture offset and repeats modified.  This means ‘old’ V2 sails will NOT be easily applied to V2.5 sails.  Texture templates are the same, but rather than cut up the sails into 2 or 3 parts, the ENTIRE sail texture is applied to each sail prim.  Port – starboard differences still exist (so apply a port texture to stbd side and your text will be backwards)

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