ACA33 RACER V2.5 Textures

As advised a couple of weeks ago, sail and hull textures for ACA2.5 are different from the old 2.0 boat.  All retail vendors who expressed interest in these templates were provided with them at that time, along with a copy of the display boat (which uses the same textures).  The sail template is actually unchanged, however rather than cutting the template up to upload it, you bring up ONE texture per sail side and apply that to all 3 prims (main) or 2 prims (jib).


3 thoughts on “ACA33 RACER V2.5 Textures

  1. I am not a vendor, just an ordinary private owner who wishes to customise her boat. Wouldn’t it be possible to just have a webpage where we can directly download the template files, as we can with the Trudeau boats?

    If there is some commercial reason why not, will you say which group to join or individual to contact to get them? I’ts not clear to me from the notecards with the boat just what I need to do to get these files.

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