Big Cat Racing keeps its support to the sailing community by offering the racing waters of the AmericasCupAnywhere sims for the “Big Cat Racing”.

Hans is organising races for large catamarans such as the Zinnemann 40. The races will take place each Thursday with three races per day and eight days in a series. There are four series each year (“spring”, “summer”, “autumn” and “winter”). The winner of each series will receive the Big Cat Cup (as seen on the right) which will be theirs to keep as well as a Zinnemann Power boat.

The venues will alternate with each week between the scenic yet challenging open waters of Sailor’s Cove and the next in the closed off specialist racing waters of AmericasCupAnywhere.

The Summer Series
  Time Date Club
Race 1 12:00 SLT Thursday 9 August 2007 TYC
Race 2 12:00 SLT Thursday 16 August 2007 ACA
Race 3 12:00 SLT Thursday 23 August 2007 TYC
Race 4 12:00 SLT Thursday 30 August 2007 ACA
Race 5 12:00 SLT Thursday 6 September 2007 TYC
Race 6 12:00 SLT Thursday 13 September 2007 ACA
Race 7 12:00 SLT Thursday 20 September 2007 TYC
Race 8 12:00 SLT Thursday 27 September 2007 ACA

Race times are entered into the database immediately after each race. Click on the race above to view the race times.

Florencia007 Csak
ACA Management


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