RACER Series Textures

Caf Binder has launched the RACER Series sets of textures for the ACA33 v2.5.


They are highly detailed textures sporting sails stitches and reinforcements, gradient colors, shadows, light reflections, elaborated ribbing, hull and deck details.


Every pack comes with both options, sails with or without windows, transparent panels.


The available sets are ACqua (acqua blue), Bruxo (orange), Black Silver (black), Pink Palace (shock pink), Red Hot (red), Violet Steel (violet).


They are available as individual packs, but buying any two gives you the right to ask a third one for free, while offer is in effect.

ACA/Costa Rica Challenge. 12th September

Group Notice From: Quirky Torok

Time is ticking down to enter the ACA/Costa Rica Challenge.. for those new heres the story.

A new and exciting race series will be held on the Costa Rica sims. This will consist of two sets of racing. One series for single handed racers, and the other for crewed team events. The prize money has been set at an unprecedented $L100, 000 for the weekend!

But you got to enter. So give me a notecard of your name and/or your team !!!! You should all have new 2.5’s and your appitite weteed by J-Class racing.

For further details please see previous Notice https://acaracer.wordpress.com/2009/07/05/press-realease-acacosta-rica-challenge

Happy sailingQ

Totally automatic texturing for your ACA33 by Caf Binder


ACA33 Texture Pack NEW v1a

Congratulations! The script in this pack will automatically re-texturize you ACA33 to a new style.

Your ACA33 is made of 2 parts, Attachment and Racer. Just rez each one and drop the script into it.

Piece of cake!

The script will take care of colors and / or textures for main sail, jib and hull. When done, it warns you and deletes itself.

It take only seconds to accomplish task: around 5 for the Racer and less than 30 for Attachment part.

You will only need to take the boat back to your inventory, possibly renamed.

Blood Wave

Main sail:
– 6 textures (up, mid, low; port and starboard sides).

– 2 textures (up, low; same for both sides).

– hull: 10 textures;
– bord: 10 textures (same for both sides).

Total of 28 textures, applied to 40 prim faces.

Caf Binder
January 2009


Under much pressure from all the ACA fans I have decided to release the version 1.9 even though the windshadow upgrades from Hans are not included in this version. So here it is the much awaited ACA v1.9.
Note: Coming soon on Nov 15th the 2.0 with windshadow upgrades and scripts saved in mono to reduce lag.

XSTREET SL MARKETPLACE: http://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&file=item&ItemID=993255

Florencia007 Csak

ACA33 v1.7 Upgrades

After reviewing the suggestion notecards, here are the issues Jacqueline addressed  😉


1. Built the user UUID based chat channel calc into the HUD – sync no longer required
2. Don’t fade the sails along with the HUD
3. Created a horizontally laid out HUD
4. Created an “info-only” HUD for racers who control the boat via chat/gestures
5. Changed the digital numeric displays from individual textures to offsets into a single texture – decreases the time to fully rez the digits.
6. HUDs have a user-editable notecard to change the HUD sail degrees per click value.


1. Fixed the boat speed difference between tacks
2. Updated the wind system to allow all significant wind parameters manually input and dialog prompt the user for acceptance of race wind upon receiving windsetter broadcast.
3. Sails reset fully on lower and moor commands
4. /1 hide /1 show command nor longer  affect the sail postitioning
5. Page Up/Down sail control – 5 degees per keypress
6. added the /1 id command for regatta identification

Thank you all for sending your feedback.

Florencia007 Csak


Application to become a Challenger. Submit your ACA33 Racer Team by sending an e-mail to fsanmartin@9th.com.

Include the following:

  1. ACA33 Team Name
  2. Country
  3. Represented Yacht Club
  4. Sponsors names, if any
  5. Team members (names, titles and pics)
  6. Team bio (small story about your team)
  7. ACA33 Racer picture (a pic of your team’s ACA33 Racer)
  8. Team SL Landmark
  9. Website, if any

Selected Official Teams will have access to the ACA33 Racer Official Teams Clubhouse, where information about all teams will be displayed, a spot at ACA Port for the team’s ACA33 Racer boat, official ACA33 clothing, use of the Clubhouse for private parties and events.

Florencia007 Csak
ACA Management

Dallin Dominates, Kasoli Weighs In

Dallin Dominates, Kasoli Weighs In

October 24th, 2007 ·

I had a chance to watch part of yesterday’s ACA32 races at NYC. Cynthia Centaur is the Race Director for this weekly series, and the start gun usually goes off at 11:00am each Tuesday.


This year’s ACA Cup contenders Cynthia Centaur and M1sha Dallin skippered their ACA32 racers. Epicurus Emmons, another contender from the 2007 ACA Cup, showed up at the helm of his new Larinda Schooner. Schnoogge Broome also joined in. Everyone knows Schnoogge from his long involvement with Tako racing, but this was his first effort at the helm of his Americas Cup one design boat.


Speaking of One Design, a new skipper joined the fleet in his modified ACA32. Please welcome Kasolai Nighbor!! Kasoli wasn’t happy with the spare appearance of the 186-prim production line ACA32, so he modified the attachment portion. His boat unquestionably retains the line and style of the ACA32, but his additional detailing brings a new level of beauty, nuance… and even dignity to the old blank ACA hull. Everyone should take a careful look at Kasolai’s artisanship at the next race.

Kasoli was appropriately concerned his modifications may eliminate him from racing. However, the underlying boat physics are the same, and the extra prim weight he’s added can’t give him any advantage. The boat he sailed for this race weighed in at 355 prim!


The boats took off for an exciting series of races with many big surprises. One thing was no surprise: M1sha Dallin showed she is still the unquestioned champion in this class on the water today.

I’ll let Cynthia Centaur tell you the rest later!

via Dallin Dominates, Kasoli Weighs In.

The Sailors Cove Boat Show Oct 14 – 20th

9th.com will be participating at the Sailors Cove Boat Show from the Oct 14 to the 20th with the ACA32 Racer boat.

Come and visit us at the boat show.


This will be a MAJOR show and attraction to all sailboat lovers.

The show will be held in the entire marina of Sailors Cove
— home of Tradewinds Yacht Club

See you there 😉
Florencia Csak

Free ACA32 Gestures by Cory

Users can get Cory’s ACA32 free gestures at Port AmericasCupAnywhere SIMs.
Just right click on the box and buy for L$0 lindens.

Cory gestures

These gestures will speed your sail trimming and increase your sailing precision. Once you have confidence in using them, you will not need to use time consuming keyboard commands or the HUD.

Before you activate the gestures you must assign them to function keys. To assign a gesture to a function key, right click on it and select open. In the gesture window select a shortcut key which you want to use for that gesture.

To activate these gestures, right click on each gesture and click activate. Once active, your function keys F2 through F10 will send silent chat commands to your boat. I strongly suggest writing the list of gestures down on a piece of paper for quick reference while you are sailing. They will quickly become second nature.

Cory Copeland