Sailing your new ACA33 v3

Thank you for your purchase of the “ACA33 America’s Cup Class Racer”, the official boat of the America’s Cup in Second Life. Your ACA Racer has been designed for maximum SL sailing realism – from appearance to operation to sensation. We’re sure you’ll have as much enjoyment sailing her as we did putting her together.


Skipper and Crew

Especially now, at v.3.0, which brings the long awaited spinnaker, but even so comes with less prims, the ACA Racer can be sailed either solo or with the assistance of a crew. In that case the skipper is typically responsible for casting off, steering and mooring and the crew-members for maintaining the optimum set of the sails depending on boat heading and wind direction.  As the mainsail and jib are set separately, these tasks could be assigned to individual crew members.

The HUD object is copy and transfer permissioned, so recruit *your* crew by dropping this HUD on them.

If you want to drop a copy of the HUD on someone else so that they may help you sail as described above, please do the following.
1. Rez the HUD inworld.
2. You will see the message on the chatline “ACA33 HUD (<your name>’s boat): Channel burned in for <your name>”
3. Take the HUD back into inventory.
4. The HUD will now be titled “ACA33 HUD (<your name>’s boat)
5. Give that copy of the HUD to your crew-member (explain to them it’ll be good for *your* boat only)


Key Controls:

-Use the <left> and <right> arrow keys to steer the boat.
-Use the <up> and <down> arrows to let the sails in/out


Chat Commands:

Always preceded by the default “/1” or user defined # channel designator:

“raise x” — where x is “jib”, “main” or “spin” — raise the sails and begin sailing. The raise command by itself raises jib and main.
“lower x” — where x is “jib”, “main” or “spin” — lower the sails and stop sailing.  Note that the boat will continue to drift.  The lower command by itself lowers all the sails.
“moor” — equivalent to lower all sails, come to floating state, where boat keeps swinging with waves. A stand up will go to a complete halt and reset the boat to non-physical state.
“m x” — sheet in(-) or out(+) the mainsail by x degrees.
“j x” — sheet in(-) or out(+) the jib by x degrees.
“s x” — sheet in(-) or out(+) spin by x degrees.
“id xxxx” — where xxxx is *up* to 4 characters.  Appends the characters to the boat name for regatta identification.
“protest text” — shout text.
“unlock” — unsits owner skipper and allow guest at helm for the next sit (boat will automatically lock again when guest stands up).
“lock” — immediately lock boat for guests at helm (mostly unnecessary).
“eject [on | off | <name(part)>]” — eject system — no parameters means eject all crew; on/off turns system for still unoccupied seats; <name or part of> will eject that avatar;
“pp” — toggles the boat phantom – perfect for navigating under those low bridges (cannot be used during race wind);


The SET commands

The following command – set – is used for boat configuration options which are saved between sailing sessions. The set commands are as follows (don’t forget the /channel# prefix):


  • “set [save]”
  • “set wind [dir-FROM [speed [gusts [shifts [change rate]]]]]”
  • “set wave [height [length [speed [Hvar% [Lvar% [originX [origin Y [water depth]]]]]]]]”
  • “set curr[ent] [dir-TO [speed [water depth]]]”
  • “set channel channel#”
  • “set alpha %opaque [\”boom\” (or negative %opaque)]”
  • “set showsail [all] [off] | [jib(=1)] [spin(=2)] [main(=4)] [port(=*-1)] (or numbers sum)”

“set [save]”

The set command by itself lists all the parameters the boat has stored. Case followed by “save” it will save all current data so its available as “boat wind, waves and current” next time this boat is rezzed.

Present data:
WindDir(from): 0 deg
WindSpeed: 20.0 kts
WindSpeed+- : 0 %
WindDir+-: 15 deg
Wind Change Rate: 1.00
WaveHeight: 0.50 m
WaveLength: 50 m
WaveSpeed: 6.00 kts
WaveHeightVariance: 10 %
WaveLengthVariance: 10 %
WaveOriginX: 256000 m
WaveOriginY: 256000 m
WaterDepth: 10.0 m
CurrentDir(to): 90 deg
CurrentSpeed: 1.00 kts
User Command Channel: 1
Sail Alpha: 70% opaque. Boom also affected for sailing.
ShowSail Combination:  0

“set wind [dir-FROM [speed [gusts [shifts [change rate]]]]]”

The set wind command turns on the artificial, boat, wind. It allows input of skipper defined wind parameters.

/1 set wind  dir-FROM  speed  gusts  shifts  changerate (parameters separated by spaces)
/1 set wind  225       15     10     5       1

dir: (FROM) sets average wind coming from direction in compass degrees, North=zero, clockwise.  Must be a number between 0 and 359. (dir 0 is wind direction due North, dir 90 is wind direction due East, dir 180 is wind direction due South, 270 is wind direction due West, etc.)
speed: sets average wind speed in knots.
gusts: sets range over which wind speed will vary from average wind speed, *in percentage*. So gusts 10, for a speed of 15 knots, means wind speed will vary +-1.5 kts.
shifts: sets range over which wind direction will vary from the average wind direction, in degrees.
rate:  sets rate at which wind speed and direction will vary, +/-.  Default is 1. A rate of 2 will double the rate of change over the default rate.
Kept order of appearance, any number of parameters can be explicited: /1 set wind 0. This command will change direction to North but continue to use other parameters previously set.

“set wave [height [length [speed [Hvar% [Lvar% [originX [originY [water depth]]]]]]]]”
Defines waves characteristics:

/1 set wave height length speed Hvar% Lvar% originX originY waterdepth
/1 set wave 0.50   50     6     10    10    256000  256000  10

height — in meters.
length — in meters.
speed — in knots.
Hvar% — height variation as percentage of wave heigth.
Lvar% — length variation as percentage of wave length.
originX — SL in world X coordinate for point of waves origin.
originY — SL in world X coordinate for point of waves origin.
water depth — reference water depth to be used in waves calculations. (shallow waters result in higher waves)

“set curr[ent] [dir-TO [speed [water depth]]]”
Defines water current characteristics. While sailing, current will also carry the boat resulting for example in less ground speed if against, affecting apparent wind angle and requiring proper sails trim.

/1 set curr dir-TO speed waterdepth
/1 set curr 90     2.0   10

dir: (TO) sets compass direction current is going to; 90 means current goes towards East.
speed: in knots.
water depth — reference water depth to be used in current calculations. (shallow waters result in slower current)

“set channel channel#”
Defines custom user channel for chat commands, even helping to reduce lag. Default is channel 1. Each time ACA boat is rezzed, it will inform channel currently in use. Channel can be any integer number (SL range: +- 2147483648), except the public, “0”, channel.

/1 set channel channel#
/1 set channel 123456
From now on, channel #1 is not listened anymore; #123456 is. All commands now (gesture chats too) must be preceded by “/123456”. To get back to channel #1, command should now be:
/123456 set channel 1

“set alpha ## [boom (or negative %opaque)]”
Defines transparency for sails. Number explicited in command is opaque percentage, that is 90 means 10% transparent.
To help sailing in mouse look mode, boom can also get some transparency, what can be defined adding the word “boom” to the command or making %opaque a negative number.

/1 set alpha -40 – what means the same as
/1 set alpha 40 boom

%opaque [“boom” (or negative %opaque)]”

“set showsail [all] [off] | [jib(=1)] [spin(=2)] [main(=4)] [port(=*-1)] (or numbers sum)”
Defines sails exhibition while boat is moored (that is, after skipper stands up). Sails and side (for spinnaker) can be defined by names or a number adding all up. Many combinations and ordering accepted.

all — show all 3 sails.
off — no sail will show.
jib (or +1) — show jib.
spin (or +2) — show spinnaker.
main (or +4) — show mainsail.
port (=*-1) — default is starboard; word “port” or a negative number for sails means port.

/1 set showsail jib spin main – show all 3 sails, spin positioned as wind from starboard
/1 set showsail spin main jib – same as above, order doesn’t matter
/1 set showsail 7 – same as above, using the sum of sails numbers
/1 set showsail -6 – show main and spinnaker, positioned for port wind
/1 set showsail main spin port – same as above, using names


Racewind Windsetters Interaction

The ACA33 is completely compatible with the SLSF Race Wind system used in yachting regattas throughout SL.
More than that, it is also compatible with WWC Setter system, which implements winds, waves and currents, including local conditions, besides separated cruise and race winds.
Upon hearing a windsetter’s broadcast, a dialog indicating the windsetter source, it’s broadcast settings and 3 options are presented to the skipper.

  1. The “Accept this” option loads the setter / racewind settings and turns off any further windsetter listens (and prompting) until the skipper stands and re-sits. Exception will occur when a cruise WWC wind was accepted then a race broadcast / invitation follows. Race has priority and will so be offered. Accepted settings cannot be overwritten by the skipper until it abandons them by standing up.
  2. The “Ignore this” option does not load the settings, but keeps the racewind listen active. Be aware that this setter will be ignored from now on. ACA saves the rejected setter in a temporary list so you don’t get bothered each few seconds again by the same setter. Accidental ignore can be refreshed by standing up and sitting back.
  3. The “Ignore all” option does not load the settings, keeps the current boat wind settings and turns off any further windsetter listens (and prompting).



The attachment provides button control for the common boat handling commands:

  • foresail (jib or spin) raise/lower/sheet
  • mainsail raise/lower/sheet
  • moor

The following sailing status indicators:
-Wind direction displays – 2 displays, analog and digital-Wind Shadow and Bend indication by colors (red=maximum, orange=strong, yellow=some, none=no WS/B)
-Wind Source: either Set by skipper or Racewind
-SLSF and WWC racewind compatibility: catches Race Wind automatically
-Boat Speed: speed of the boat over the sea bed in knots
-Depth: depth of water below the boat in meters. Your ACA Racer draws 4M, so -keep an eye on that
-Sheet angle set for each sail
– HUD transparency
– Indicated wind: Apparent, True or alternating
– Foresail to receive HUD commands
The ACA33 comes with  3 sailing HUDs. 2 are full featured – one vertically oriented, the other horizontal as per your preference ( a reminder: if you feel the HUD takes up too much screen space, it can rescaled down to nearly 1/2 of it’s default size). The last HUD is the minimal info-only HUD, specifically geared for the racers who wish to control the ACA33 racer with chat/gesture commands.

The Info HUD has a notecard to allow text color adjust to your preference. Wear and edit it. Look in the Contents for a note “ACA33HUDiSettings”. Edit it and change the line:
textcolor 1 1 1
Color is defined by the 3 components, Red, Green, Blue, each going from 0 to 1. For example, yellow would be:
textcolor 1 1 0
Text color is saved, so notecard is needed just once.


Boat Settings Notecard

The ACA Racer defines camera and sit positions and animations through a notecard: “ACA33Settings”. Select the boat and look in the Contents.
Positions for camera and root prim sit target are relative to the root prim, in meters, x positive to bow, y + to port, z + to up. For other prims sit targets, position and rotation are relative to the prim ones. The notecard has detailed explanations and comes with predefined camera, 6 seats and degrees per click definitions, setting how many degrees in/out sails move when using keyboard arrows or clicking the HUD.


Other Boat Behavior The Skipper Might Find Interesting

ACA Racer v3.0 has taken a big step to realism. RL-like behavior, apparent wind, use of polars, spinnaker and its dangers, wind shadow, wind bend … many new features.
Gentle movement, new sounds and the ability to get the boom partially transparent gives the skipper sailing in mouse look view a great feel of real life sailing. Beware of sea sickness when set for bigger waves!
Waves and current will move the boat, and that can be away from desired course. Keep watch! Like it was said, no more set the boat and go get a coffee while you wait…
If spinnaker has thrown you into big heeling caused by a too close apparent wind angle, you may have to lower it.
The WWC – Wind Waves Current system, devised and developed mostly by Mothgirl Dibou, offers countless possible regulations for what moves the boat, including local special conditions, like for instance different wind and or current close to an island. Sticking to the WWC standards as much as it is necessary the ACA Racer can give and receive windshadow from compatible boats like the Fizz or ones from who else adopted and implemented it.

The ACA Racer is still, naturally, completely compatible with the legacy Race Wind system used in yachting regattas throughout SL.

Protest shouting: You are free to either say “protest” or to use a gesture to say it for you. The ACA33 will listen for your call and shout the protest out loud for all to hear as required under the sailing rules.
When using a setter defined wind, waves, current, a “pennant light” at top of mast will lit. This way, all boats in the same WWC contitions will show the same light, which will change to different colors at different times, but all synchronized. Security measures for racing, but also a nice spectacle, especially at low light hours. Same color will be showing at a cockpit text “RACE WIND x.xx kts”.


Rezzing Your America’s Cup Racer for Display

For sailing, rez it on the water, click Board and you ll be already floating and swinging with waves, being turned by current, hearing water sounds. Raise sails with you set wind or accept it from a setter and enjoy.
For display purposes, you have the ACA33 Model Display or you can rez the boat itself, set the “showsail” feature as you like and then, for you benefit in first place, but also for all others in the same sim, edit the boat and then go to SL menu Tools and click “Set Scripts To NOT Running in Selection”.



Join “ACA RACER” group inworld for latest news, Race schedules and upgrades. You can use this group to chat with other ACA owners.



Contact Florencia007 Csak
ACA Management
ACA Blog:

The Second Life America’s Cup ACA33 Class Boat and Racer is a collaborative project made possible by the efforts and talents of these Second Life Residents:
Project development and management: Florencia007 Csak
Project producers: Javier Merlin & Aca32 Barbosa
Vehicle and HUD scripting: Caf Binder
Boat sculpt modeling: Florencia007 Csak & Caf Binder
Full motion skipper and crew animations: Larinda Cordeaux

America’s Cup ACA33 Class Boat is sponsored by


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