March news from ACA

Good morning/afternoon/evening to all!

Just a few news snippets from ACA to keep you all up to date on happenings with all that is ACA.

ACA Lights

Firstly I am really happy that we have a growing number of ACA Light users welcome to the family guys! As promised we are starting a set of selected races/training sessions for this boat. Last night we had our first complete beginners race. Sailing Conditions weren’t the best, but we did get a flavour of racing. Many thanks go out to Miwha, Massy and Bolt for coming down in their 3.0’s and to Tingle and Anastasia for trying out racing. And of course to Colin for winning both races!

Anastasia in front of Massy!!

You cant beat coco!

After racing it was a cup of steaming coco! lovely. More events to follow. Keep your eyes peeled.

Lastly in this section I am producing a short video on the Light as a quick guide to sail it. I will announce it in the owners groups as soon as it is finalised.


ACA33 Trophy.

Its getting to that time of year… excitement is growing questions are being asked. To be honest we want to give sailors in SL a short break from large sailing events. However that being said we having a great conversation with leading SL/RL sailors about the format and the shape of the Trophy. That being said there are a few details I can announce. Firstly the racing will not be drawn out, it will be short and fast. It will be a lot fairer than last year. The boats will not be crewed it will be the skipper alone that sails (so no waiting for your crew to log back on before you finnish a race)

Lastly I can confirm the finals will be held at Starboard Yacht Club.

Race Directors

II have produced a short informational video on youtube to help you recognise ACA33 3.0 boats from ACA Light boats.

I hope it is of use to you.

Last note on racing

The Second Life Sailing calendar is being updated If you want to race your ACA33  Please take a look here for information of races going on in your time zone. If you are interested in holding races please contact either myself or the commodore of the club you wish to race at. I am personally happy to give as much help as i can to ensure ACA stays at the top of Second Life sailing. At the moment from experiance i can see we have regular ACA33 3.0 Racing at the following times and locations

Tuesday 4.00pm @ NYC

Wedensday 5.30am @NYC

Thursday 12.00 @ FIYC

Friday 6pm @ NYC

Saturday 6.00pm @ NYC

You can of course sail your ACA33 at big boat events such as:-

Sunday 4.00pm @ NYC

Tuesday 11.00am @ FIYC

Happy sailing to you alll and remember to keep the flappy side of your boat up!

Quirky Torok

ACA Management


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  1. RE: your ATI card

    Update the driver, 11.2 does not have that problem, but most of the version 10 series does.

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