ACA and copyright issues

Just a quick note.. The ACA as you know is a wonderful boat with lots of opportunities to customise your craft. Whether it be a new hull or a modified suit of sails.

However with that comes responsibility. We at ACA and will not be held responsible for any copyright infringement. That is to say if you choose to design your sail with a real life company logo name or design that has been copyrighted you do so at your own risk. You could of course ask the owner of the copyrighted material for permission to use their logo or name within virtual world of second life.

Although there is a very slim chance of you being actively sued for copyright infringements there is a chance. We just need to point out that if such a case were to appear ACA and would point to this post as a clear indication that we do not condone intellectual copyright theft.

I would include an image of a boat that has used a copyrighted logo, but that would get into as much trouble as you….lol. Please remeber that some real life companies are VERY litigious and protective of their logos and name. For further information please take a look at the Linden Labs Wiki on this subject here

Quirky Torok
ACA Management


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