Trapez Breen winner of the 33rd ACA SL CUP 2010

First off would like to thank all those who have participated – specially to all the SL sailors who competed in this edition of the ACA SL
Cup. Skippers and fans, lets give each other a big WOOOT!

Second, I would like to take this moment to specially thank Naeve Rossini and Quirky Torok who made this 33rd Cup edition possible.

Thanks to all racer officer and Clubs who participated, special thanks to MarkTwain White and Nber Medici.

It has been a big effort to sustain the ACA project all these years. Keeping a community alive in SL takes many hours, dedication and money. Why we do it? because we are ACA fans like all of you and we love this community.
Throughout these 2 years we have developed and upgraded the ACA RACER with the help of great and dedicated developer which I want to thank. Boat sculpt modeling: Neron Blanco and Scripters: disisme Misfit and Caf Binder.

A new ACA RACER 3.0 is currently being scripted by Caf Binder and from what I know my friends, this is going to be the best of the best. Some new features will be sail engine with apparent wind and use of real polars; WWC compatible, plus a lot of details in boat behavior and yes, this version will have spinnaker, which is currently being sculpted by Neron Blanco.

Going forward, ACA Management will continue to host exiting sailing event for all of you and all the new friends that will join us in this challenge to make virtual world a meaningful extension of our lives 🙂

and finally, congratulations  to  Trapez Breen, our ultimate winner, for a well earned victory. You have shown great virtual yachtsmanship and are a deserved winner. Is my honor to award you the ACA-SL CUP Trophy. Congratulations. WOOOT!

Time to celebrate this victory !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you! 😉

Florencia007 Csak
ACA Management


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