Just a little Chit Chat

Last night saw the practice races for the 33rd ACA Trophy sponsored by 9th.com. It was an interesting evening racing to say the least. please follow this link for details of the race. It’s clear that 12 fully charging ACA boats will not do much for the health of a sim.. so please note the last paragraph of the race results.

Bea Woodget has completed a great article on Sailing.Com about the speed and polars of the new ACA, it makes for great reading follow this link

Thirdly,  those of you at the MarkTwain White show last weekend will have seen the preliminary ACA Trophy video he made.. If you missed this follow this link

Lastly entries for the trophy have been enormous!!!! 42 boats at the last count. Many more than we were expecting. Please be patient whilst we organise and place you in slots for racing next sunday.

Quirky Torok


PS.. if you have a great photograph of an ACA please feel free to add it to our Flickr page.. all donations gratefully received!!!


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