It’s here!!!!! Finally

In the run up to the real life America’s Cup We at ACA will be running our own version of the world renown event.

In charge of the racing will be Naeve Rossini who has worked hard to come up with a series of races that reflect the challenges of the event.


Competition is open to all residents of Second Life who wish to compete.

During registration, each competitor will submit a boat name and race ID.

The crew of each boat may range from 1 (solo) to 3 (multicrew).


The official boat of the 33rd ACA is the ACA33 Racer v2.52. No other boats are allowed.

No modifications to the boat are allowed, except custom texturing (e.g.: sails and hulls).


Each competitor is required to be a member of the 33rd ACA Competitors group. This is the official group for communicating with all competitors before and during the races.


The competition will be held over two dates, Saturday 30 January 2010 and Saturday 6 February 2010.

30 January – Four time slots with open fleet racing to determine four finalists.  These times are yet to be confirmed. We are looking for a spread of times during the day so as many people as possible can participate. However if you get through to the races on the 6th we will discuss a mutual time convenient to all.. this will not be easy so bare with us.

6 February – Match racing bracket to determine the winner. [3 races, 90-135 minutes] [4 races, 120-180 minutes]


The competition will be run on two courses, Course A and Course B.

Course A – Pacific Start, Flotsam CW, Crows Nest CW, Flotsam CW, Pacific Finish

Course B – Pacific Start, Hawser CW, Swam CW, Pacific Finish

The courses will alternate during fleet racing. During match racing, the first race will be Course A, the second race will be Course B, and the third race will be Course A, if necessary.

Charts will be issued very soon to competitors.


The competition will follow the rules set forth in the RRSSL (v


One prize will be presented to the winner, provided by ACA RACER. The current belief is that this prize will be an in-world replica of the America’s Cup trophy.

In the first instance please contact Naeve so we have an idea on numbers. Of course we will require Judges and support staff.

This is going to be a short sharp set of races.. but it should be imensly fun. A full Notice of Race will be issued in due course.

May I take this early opportunity to thank Naeve for all her hard work.

Quirky Torok and Florencia007 Csak

ACA Management Team


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