The ACA gets an update….. again

Just as you were getting used to the 2.52 ACA along comes another..

ACA management proudly presents the ACA 2.53!!!! looking identical to the 2.52 the 2.53 has important changes to the sailing engine. Caf Binder our resident genius states. ‘Basically a quick “polars remedy” fix , v 2.53 is to be enforced at ACA SL Cup:

– boat will not sail for TWA under 15 degrees
– boat speed will fall for TWA under 22 degrees

So to update all you need to do is to rezz your 2.52 and a brand new 2.53 will be delivered to you.. postage free!!!

This of course means the official boat of the 33rd ACA trophy, sponsored by is the 2.53. no other boats will be acceptable. Checks will be made on the start line.

Many thanks

Quirky Torok



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