ACA V2,5 survey

The ACA V2.5 is very nearly complete, from a prim perspective.  The actual announcement will be made as we get closer (and get our acts together).  We have several questions we would like answered by the existing group members prior to that release.  If you could fill out the survey, make a Secodn Life notecard and return it to disisme Misfit titles “ACA Survey – <your name>” ASAP it will expedite things nicely.

ACA Survey V2,5

Name :
About how long have you owned your ACA33?

Do you race the boat?
Do you sail the boat at all, or is it purely for display purposes?

What is the biggest flaw in the ACA33 V2’s performance?
What is the biggest advantage in the ACA33 V2’s performance?

Do you wish to be able to, with a much reduced skill requirement, be able to texture your own hull and sails?
Are you currently a content provider for the ACA33 (ie sail and hull textures) with a vendor INSIDE ACA HQ?

Comments yo may wish to make regarding things that peeve you, or please you, about the ACA V2

Thank You

Florencia007 Csak
ACA Management


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