Totally automatic texturing for your ACA33 by Caf Binder


ACA33 Texture Pack NEW v1a

Congratulations! The script in this pack will automatically re-texturize you ACA33 to a new style.

Your ACA33 is made of 2 parts, Attachment and Racer. Just rez each one and drop the script into it.

Piece of cake!

The script will take care of colors and / or textures for main sail, jib and hull. When done, it warns you and deletes itself.

It take only seconds to accomplish task: around 5 for the Racer and less than 30 for Attachment part.

You will only need to take the boat back to your inventory, possibly renamed.

Blood Wave

Main sail:
– 6 textures (up, mid, low; port and starboard sides).

– 2 textures (up, low; same for both sides).

– hull: 10 textures;
– bord: 10 textures (same for both sides).

Total of 28 textures, applied to 40 prim faces.

Caf Binder
January 2009


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