ACA protest sails from Liv Leigh

These are the sails for your ACA (America’s Cup Anywhere) 33 or 32 racer.

Help us protest Linden Labs against their tier increase of 66% which may kill dedicated sailing sims as they are present on the grid now.

To apply them, simply:
rezz your aca vehicle part in-world
edit and select the contents tab
drop in the script
close edit
click the vehicle

et voila!

Liv Leigh


One thought on “ACA protest sails from Liv Leigh

  1. I have to say I was only hosting the protest sails for the maker, so they could be freely distributed for the Open Spaces protests. I am not the creator. The sails are made by Disisme Misfit or Dahral Huet, if I am correct.

    Since 2009 has started and the new pricing policy is implemented, I have stopped the hosting of this sailpack on XstreetSL and OnRez.

    If you still want a copy, IM me inworld.

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