ACA33 v1.7 Upgrades

After reviewing the suggestion notecards, here are the issues Jacqueline addressed  😉


1. Built the user UUID based chat channel calc into the HUD – sync no longer required
2. Don’t fade the sails along with the HUD
3. Created a horizontally laid out HUD
4. Created an “info-only” HUD for racers who control the boat via chat/gestures
5. Changed the digital numeric displays from individual textures to offsets into a single texture – decreases the time to fully rez the digits.
6. HUDs have a user-editable notecard to change the HUD sail degrees per click value.


1. Fixed the boat speed difference between tacks
2. Updated the wind system to allow all significant wind parameters manually input and dialog prompt the user for acceptance of race wind upon receiving windsetter broadcast.
3. Sails reset fully on lower and moor commands
4. /1 hide /1 show command nor longer  affect the sail postitioning
5. Page Up/Down sail control – 5 degees per keypress
6. added the /1 id command for regatta identification

Thank you all for sending your feedback.

Florencia007 Csak


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