Customize your ACA Racer (templates)




1. Instructions and support:
If you have questions, write a comment on this blog and I will reply ASAP or IM me inworld at Florencia007 Csak

2. Edit PSD file in Photoshop:
You will find 2 psd files in your ZIP:
– ACA33-main-9th.psd (main sail)
– ACA33-jib-9th.psd (jib sail)

  • Create your design in or bellow the layer named: “your design here”
  • You will also find a layer called “mask help” to create a new mask if needed.
  • When you are done with your design, turn off comments layer
  • Save as .tga format with 32bit and you are ready to import into SL your textures.
  • Please keep the ACA33 brand on your new sails. Thank you!

3. Edit ACA33 sails in Second Life:


  • Import your new textures. Bring up ONE texture per sail side and apply that to all 3 prims (main) or 2 prims (jib).
  • Drop your ACA33 Racer on the floor. To see the sails, sit on the boat and issue the /1 showsail chat command. Then, right click to edit.
  • Click “Select Texture” from the edit object menu (see pic above) and touch only the side of the prim you want to replace with the new texture. Do not replace all the sides because the prim sides for the borders are transparent.
  • Select the texture and replace it with new one from your library
  • Do the same for all parts of the sail till you have your new sail design completed
  • Take a copy of your new ACA33 Racer back to your inventory and use this new copy from now on. (I suggest that you keep the original as a backup)

NOTE: sail and hull textures for ACA2.5 are different from the old 2.0 boat.  All retail vendors who expressed interest in these templates were provided with them at that time, along with a copy of the display boat (which uses the same textures).  The sail template is actually unchanged, however rather than cutting the template up to upload it, you bring up ONE texture per sail side and apply that to all 3 prims (main) or 2 prims (jib).




This is the texture template for the sculpted floor of the ACA33 V2.5.  Looks simple, but just take it down to photoshop and fill the boxes with your texture or color and bring it back up to SL…easy peasy….


Yes..the hull template IS coming…..

Florencia007 Csak, President
ACA Management



5 thoughts on “Customize your ACA Racer (templates)

  1. The links to the templates for the sails, etc seem to be no longer valid. I just purchased an ACA33. Can you point me to a still valid source for the psd files? Thanks

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