Customize your ACA32 Racer Sails (by

These files are available for ACA32 owners only. If you own an ACA32 sailboat and haven’t received your copy, please IM Florencia007 Csak in SL or send her an e-mail to specifying an e-mail address to forward the files.


1. Instructions and support:
If you have questions, write a comment on this blog and I will reply ASAP or IM me inworld at Florencia007 Csak

2. Edit PSD file in Photoshop:
You will find 2 psd files in your ZIP:
– ACA32-main-9th.psd (main sail)
– ACA32-jib-9th.psd (jib sail)

  • Create your design in or bellow the layer named: “your design here”
  • You will also find a layer called “mask help” to create a new mask if needed.
  • Turn on guidelines and you will see where you need to cut the file to create 3 files of 1024×1024 for the main sail (top,mid,bot) and 2 files of 1024×1024 for the jib sail. (top,bot)
  • When you are done with your design, turn off comments layer, save the psd file with different files names like -top,-mid,-bottom at the end for the main sail and -top,-bot for the jib psd file.
  • Open the psd files and crop them using the guidelines to make the 1024×1024 size files
  • Save as .tga format with 32bit each file and you are ready to import into SL your textures.

3. Edit ACA32 sails in Second Life:
Please keep the ACA 32 brand on your new sails. Thank you!


  • Import your new textures
  • Drop your ACA32 Racer on the floor. To see the sails, sit on the sklipper ball (the red one) and issue the /1 showsail chat command. Right click to edit.
  • Click “Select Texture” and touch only the side of the prim you want to replace with the new texture. Do not replace all the sides because the prim sides for the borders are transparent.
  • Select the texture and replace it with new one from your library
  • Do the same for all parts of the sails till you have your new sails design completed
  • Take a copy of your new ACA32 Racer back to your inventory and use this new copy from now on. (I suggest that you keep the original as a backup)

You can buy the ACA32 Racer from ACA sims in Second Life:

How to participate:
Submit a picture of your ACA32 sailboat design by sending an e-mail to with subject “ACA32 Sails Design Contest”, include your avatar’s name.
Note: to participate you must have the ACA32 brand name on your main sail.

November 30th 2007

Lindens $1.500 + sailboat dock at ACA’s marina for your ACA32 sailboat.

Florencia007 Csak, President
ACA Management

SL group: AmericasCupAnywhere


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