Dallin Dominates, Kasoli Weighs In

Dallin Dominates, Kasoli Weighs In

October 24th, 2007 ·

I had a chance to watch part of yesterday’s ACA32 races at NYC. Cynthia Centaur is the Race Director for this weekly series, and the start gun usually goes off at 11:00am each Tuesday.


This year’s ACA Cup contenders Cynthia Centaur and M1sha Dallin skippered their ACA32 racers. Epicurus Emmons, another contender from the 2007 ACA Cup, showed up at the helm of his new Larinda Schooner. Schnoogge Broome also joined in. Everyone knows Schnoogge from his long involvement with Tako racing, but this was his first effort at the helm of his Americas Cup one design boat.


Speaking of One Design, a new skipper joined the fleet in his modified ACA32. Please welcome Kasolai Nighbor!! Kasoli wasn’t happy with the spare appearance of the 186-prim production line ACA32, so he modified the attachment portion. His boat unquestionably retains the line and style of the ACA32, but his additional detailing brings a new level of beauty, nuance… and even dignity to the old blank ACA hull. Everyone should take a careful look at Kasolai’s artisanship at the next race.

Kasoli was appropriately concerned his modifications may eliminate him from racing. However, the underlying boat physics are the same, and the extra prim weight he’s added can’t give him any advantage. The boat he sailed for this race weighed in at 355 prim!


The boats took off for an exciting series of races with many big surprises. One thing was no surprise: M1sha Dallin showed she is still the unquestioned champion in this class on the water today.

I’ll let Cynthia Centaur tell you the rest later!

via Dallin Dominates, Kasoli Weighs In.


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