Free ACA32 Gestures by Cory

Users can get Cory’s ACA32 free gestures at Port AmericasCupAnywhere SIMs.
Just right click on the box and buy for L$0 lindens.

Cory gestures

These gestures will speed your sail trimming and increase your sailing precision. Once you have confidence in using them, you will not need to use time consuming keyboard commands or the HUD.

Before you activate the gestures you must assign them to function keys. To assign a gesture to a function key, right click on it and select open. In the gesture window select a shortcut key which you want to use for that gesture.

To activate these gestures, right click on each gesture and click activate. Once active, your function keys F2 through F10 will send silent chat commands to your boat. I strongly suggest writing the list of gestures down on a piece of paper for quick reference while you are sailing. They will quickly become second nature.

Cory Copeland


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