32nd America’s Cup Finals in Second Life

At Port AmericasCupAnywhere Video Wall area we had the most fantastic time with all the AC fans that gather to watch the Final Match between Alinghi and New Zealand.

I was commenting the races from the Valencia Media Center building. Watching the real life races and having in my laptop Second Life open and chatting with all the sailing community gather at ACA Regions was a spectacular experience.

Watching the 32nd America’s Cup in Second Life

Florencia007 Csak: Hi all
Shackleton Allen: Hi FLo
Arletta Sands: hi Florencia
Hans Zinnemann: Hi Flo
Florencia007 Csak: Hi Hans 😉
Hans Zinnemann: Thanks for your note. It sounds good. I will reply later.
Florencia007 Csak: ok

37 people voted since 2007-06-24
Vote is running for 9 days, 9 hours, 43 minutes
Current Question is ‘Vote for your favorite team!’
25 people voted for ‘Alinghi’
12 people voted for ‘New Zealand’

Debby Rang: salut donion suis derrière toi
RoDen Kilian: oh man
Hans Zinnemann: Get in there Alinghi!
Florencia007 Csak: ohh MG
donion Rang: Bonsoir, mon amour
Armchair Binder: that’s going to hurt
Debby Rang: t’arrine √† voir quelque chose?
janin Barrymore: bien joué alinghi !!!!
Arletta Sands: juhuiii !!!
donion Rang: oui, pas toi ?
Florencia007 Csak: they had the right to pass
Debby Rang: que dalle
donion Rang: tu as cliqu√© sur l’√©cran ?
Debby Rang: oui bien sur
donion Rang: surprenant
Florencia007 Csak: Alinghi does one last luff and then accelerates around the windward mark, the Kiwis struuggling to pick speed behind, but rounding and hoisting just 7 seconds behind at the first windward mark…
Debby Rang: j’ai le son mais c’est tout
janin Barrymore: et la derniere version de quick time ?
AGS1.2 whispers: AGS Ready. Monitoring started…
Florencia007 Csak: LEG 1 DELTA 00:07 GAIN +00:07 LEAD ALINGHI
Debby Rang: oui c’est qk
Florencia007 Csak: Just 56m between the boats
donion Rang: tu n’as pas la MAJ ?
Debby Rang: si si tout est ok
Florencia007 Csak: Hi Azeglio
Armchair Binder: NZL will have a chance at the jibe
Azeglio Rossini: Hi all!!!
Armchair Binder: Howdy
Arletta Sands: hi aze
Shackleton Allen: Hi
RoDen Kilian: Howdy
Shackleton Allen: Hi
Mistery Sands: alinghi has to pay attention…
janin Barrymore: for alinghi 🙂

Watching the 32nd America’s Cup Finals in SL

40 people voted since 2007-06-24
Vote is running for 9 days, 9 hours, 54 minutes
Current Question is ‘Vote for your favorite team!’
27 people voted for ‘Alinghi’
13 people voted for ‘New Zealand’

Florencia007 Csak: hehehhe 27 – 13
Florencia007 Csak: Alinghi first to gybe, Kiwis carrying on out to the right…
Florencia007 Csak: wow
Florencia007 Csak: ohhh noooooo
Hans Zinnemann: who clicked ont he Alinghi kite then?
Shackleton Allen: GOOOOO kiwi
Shackleton Allen: pressure e
Shackleton Allen: lol
RoDen Kilian: oops
Mistery Sands: good chance..
Florencia007 Csak: The kite collapsed
Florencia007 Csak: perhaps due to bad air from NZL kite
RoDen Kilian: I think so
Hans Zinnemann: Yeah that sounds right
Armchair Binder: they’re on the layline; so alinghi can’t jibe to escape
Shackleton Allen: GOOOOOOOO
Debby Rang: a c’est mieux
Shackleton Allen: bring it you good thing
Debby Rang: tu y comprend quelque chose donion

41 people voted since 2007-06-24
Vote is running for 9 days, 9 hours, 58 minutes
Current Question is ‘Vote for your favorite team!’
28 people voted for ‘Alinghi’
13 people voted for ‘New Zealand’

Madcap Masala: Kiwi’s ahead
Florencia007 Csak: yea
Madcap Masala: Kiwi’s have passed
Mistery Sands: yes but alinghi will react in the third part, they will take the right again
Debby Rang: oul√† c’est chaud
Madcap Masala: Only if they get the right hand gate
Armchair Binder: all depends on the overlap at the mark
Madcap Masala: Go New Zealand
Arletta Sands: Gooo Switzerland….!!!!!!
7Bidou7 Beaumont: J’ai la video √† l’envers, suis-je le seul?
Madcap Masala: 14 sec at the mark
Florencia007 Csak: Jibs going-on on both boats
Florencia007 Csak: 65m
Madcap Masala: NZ chose the left
tango Bingyi: i got no broadband..lol whos leading?
Azeglio Rossini: +21 sec…
Florencia007 Csak: NZL 46m
Florencia007 Csak: 14′
tango Bingyi: grazie FLO
Florencia007 Csak: 😉
tango Bingyi: i need your eyes…lol
Florencia007 Csak: START 2 DELTA 00:14 GAIN +00:21 LEAD NZL
Mistery Sands: who’s faster?
tango Bingyi: depends who u ask
tango Bingyi: lol
Shackleton Allen: who knows
Shackleton Allen: lol
Arletta Sands: lol
tango Bingyi: wheres mark the twain….hehe
Florencia007 Csak: a lot of people say that between 12 and 14 knots Alinghi is faster. Bellow or above that is NZL
Mistery Sands: grazie
Florencia007 Csak: Hi gaya
tango Bingyi: /your loving this job arent you Flo.. 🙂
Florencia007 Csak: yeaaa
tango Bingyi: /i hope xavier made it on the boat …
tango Bingyi: 🙂
Florencia007 Csak: hahaha
Florencia007 Csak: I’m not at the boat today, I’m at the media building 😦
tango Bingyi: /hes on argentinian time…lol
RoDen Kilian: bummer
Madcap Masala: NZ pointing higher and making gains
Florencia007 Csak: 42m
Florencia007 Csak: Breeze is down a knot ot 2, around 13-14 knots
Azeglio Rossini: 7,9 for SUI
Mistery Sands: pigio move a little behind you please…
Azeglio Rossini: via x l’incrocio
pigio Cioc: ok?
Mistery Sands: tanks a lot
Mistery Sands: thanks…
Florencia007 Csak: Hi Soro
Hans Zinnemann: (no tacks a lot!)
pigio Cioc: by nothing…:)
tango Bingyi: lol
RoDen Kilian: lol Hans
You: Kiwi lee-bow tack just a boatlenght ahead
Soro Dagostino: Hi folk
Armchair Binder: come on NZL drive them to the layline
Florencia007 Csak: 28m
Shackleton Allen is Offline
Maury49 Rau is Online
Mistery Sands: 3:25 at the lay line

42 people voted since 2007-06-24
Vote is running for 9 days, 10 hours, 12 minutes
Current Question is ‘Vote for your favorite team!’
28 people voted for ‘Alinghi’
14 people voted for ‘New Zealand’

You: Alinghi hasn’t tacked in response to the Kiwis latest tack
RoDen Kilian: sure wish we had it on TV
Arletta Sands: i am watching both :-))
RoDen Kilian: luck you
Arletta Sands: :-))
Florencia007 Csak: wowowow
RoDen Kilian: wow
Gregba Allen: benoit t la c greg-b
Florencia007 Csak: 20m
Florencia007 Csak: go go go
Florencia007 Csak: 17m
Lee Ponzu: tack tack, jibe jibe…
Mistery Sands: nz has few time before lay line too much
Florencia007 Csak: 11m
Florencia007 Csak: 5m
Florencia007 Csak: 4m
Florencia007 Csak: hmmmm 17m
tango Bingyi: omg
Azeglio Rossini: again!!
tango Bingyi: lol
Mistery Sands: deja vu
Azeglio Rossini: yeah!
tango Bingyi: flo you gonna give tango a heart attack today
Lee Ponzu: again?
Florencia007 Csak: hahahahhahahah
Armchair Binder: welcome back Shackleton
Mistery Sands: next cross fundamental for alinghi
Florencia007 Csak: yes
Shackleton Allen: lost my con

44 people voted since 2007-06-24
Vote is running for 9 days, 10 hours, 18 minutes
Current Question is ‘Vote for your favorite team!’
28 people voted for ‘Alinghi’
16 people voted for ‘New Zealand’

Florencia007 Csak: more NZL are voting now heheheh
Vote: You arleady voted
tango Bingyi: lol
tango Bingyi: i cant vote..it doesnt work.. i think its rigged..lol
Vote: Thank you for voting
Vote: You arleady voted
Vote: VOTE-O-MAT v1.0

45 people voted since 2007-06-24
Vote is running for 9 days, 10 hours, 19 minutes
Current Question is ‘Vote for your favorite team!’
28 people voted for ‘Alinghi’
17 people voted for ‘New Zealand’

Florencia007 Csak: just click on your favorite team’s button
tango Bingyi: lol
Vote: Thank you for voting
Vote: Thank you for voting
Vote: VOTE-O-MAT v1.0

47 people voted since 2007-06-24
Vote is running for 9 days, 10 hours, 19 minutes
Current Question is ‘Vote for your favorite team!’
28 people voted for ‘Alinghi’
19 people voted for ‘New Zealand’

Vote: You arleady voted
Soro Dagostino: Well — I tried
RoDen Kilian: lol
tango Bingyi: waht a good crowd Flo
Mistery Sands: alinghi may go ahead now
Florencia007 Csak: yea, this is great
Arletta Sands: they will
Florencia007 Csak: thank you all for coming 🙂 its great to watch the races with friends.
RoDen Kilian: I would like to see go to the 9th race
Arletta Sands: my nerves cant take it anymore….lol
tango Bingyi: thanks to you and xavier! 🙂
Armchair Binder: NZL should have covered faster after the leeward mark
Lee Ponzu: Alinghi is just faster today
Lee Ponzu: to windward, anyway
Mistery Sands: there is change 325 to the next mark 5 degrees of wind changed
Florencia007 Csak: the breeze looks like it’s moving right a little

Watching Live the 32nd America’s Cup in Second Life

Azeglio Rossini: 325° for next mark
Mistery Sands: aaaah
Azeglio Rossini: 15kn wind
Azeglio Rossini: !??!?!
Mistery Sands: panlty NZL!!!!!
Madcap Masala: Bugger
Mistery Sands: penalty NZL!!!!
tango Bingyi: what for?
SkipperBenoit Lane: ouffff
SkipperBenoit Lane: Go GO GO Alinghi !
Florencia007 Csak: wowowowowowoow
Mistery Sands: Alinghi has won now
Armchair Binder: Dean Barker’s going to be shot
RoDen Kilian: dang
tango Bingyi: omg
pigio Cioc: ?
Arletta Sands: yes yes yes !!!!!!
Florencia007 Csak: OMG
Shackleton Allen is Offline
Mistery Sands: with a penalty no more race now
Florencia007 Csak: incredible
Gregba Allen: its clear with this penality alinghi seems to be the winner
Armchair Binder: the judge has a Swiss accent ::))
RoDen Kilian: darn
Bri Hasp: haha
Arletta Sands: he he he
Lee Ponzu: why don’t they have to take the penalty now?
Mistery Sands: it is a right penalty
RoDen Kilian: no more receing
Lee Ponzu: is it their choice when?
janin Barrymore: yes
tango Bingyi: the swiss skipper has an accent as well….
Armchair Binder: only have to take penalty immediately if 2nd penalty
Arletta Sands: hes not swiss
Lee Ponzu: American, right?
Arletta Sands: the swiss skipper
Hans Zinnemann: yeah but within a time limit often
tango Bingyi: hehe
Gregba Allen: 100m for alinghi
RoDen Kilian: I want more raceing
Arletta Sands: i am so sorry for yo ROden
Mistery Sands: no more race, now alinghi can relax
Bri Hasp: is over now
RoDen Kilian: Is ok
tango Bingyi: would have been nice to have a few more races.. 😦
janin Barrymore: agree
RoDen Kilian: yes it would have
SkipperBenoit Lane: agree too
Florencia007 Csak: Kiwis take on the port layline, and immediately bear away into a dial-down, Alinghi responding, Y flag goes up. PENALTY!!! A yellow flag ETNZ must take a penalty and they’re behind, 12 seconds down at the final mark, and penalty to take…
tango Bingyi: sink alinghi…
Mistery Sands: next time where?
tango Bingyi: lol
SkipperBenoit Lane: Valencia
Florencia007 Csak: that was all the action for today i think…
Mistery Sands: no…
Arletta Sands: Well Mr Bertarelli will choose
janin Barrymore: lol
Armchair Binder: the umpires just determined to america’s cup; what a shame
SkipperBenoit Lane: or dubai !
Lee Ponzu: no no
Mistery Sands: hope in italy next to my house… eh eh
Lee Ponzu: starboard over port determined it.
janin Barrymore: marseille
Florencia007 Csak: hahahahaha
Armchair Binder: it wasn’t even that close
Azeglio Rossini: punta ala
SkipperBenoit Lane: yes Marseille !!! si ya pas de greves !
janin Barrymore: lol
Lee Ponzu: close enough
Florencia007 Csak: 100m
janin Barrymore: mdr
Florencia007 Csak: 110m
Lee Ponzu: if you’re the starboard boat…
Gregba Allen: lol
janin Barrymore: the spinaker can broke too… it’s not finish
Florencia007 Csak: hahahahahaha
Lee Ponzu: that never happens 😎
Mistery Sands: you’re right,
SkipperBenoit Lane: lol
Arletta Sands: ohh come on… it swiss quality
Lee Ponzu: Giant squid….
Azeglio Rossini: ohhh .yess and alinghi can even get on a whale
janin Barrymore: loooooool
Florencia007 Csak: that is always possible yes
Florencia007 Csak: lol
Florencia007 Csak: hahahahhaa
janin Barrymore: yes you right
Arletta Sands: lol
janin Barrymore: come on swiss !
Arletta Sands: Gooooo Alinghi
Debby Rang: cou cou suisla
Lee Ponzu: Switzerlaendser
Armchair Binder: I can’t cheer for Swiss; Terry Huchinson is hometown personal friend
Mistery Sands: 128 m for alinghi
janin Barrymore: wait for the penalty
Lee Ponzu: tv just showed it was a clear foul
janin Barrymore: 300 meters !
Florencia007 Csak: 141m
Armchair Binder: yeah; have to agree; Dean’s a dead man
Hans Zinnemann: Go on Alinghi!
Florencia007 Csak: i will take pics today and post them on flickr. Anyone wants a special pic?
janin Barrymore: qu’est ce qu’ils ont foutu les kiwis ?
Bri Hasp: who is on helm for Alinghi today?
Armchair Binder: sure; pix are cool
Mistery Sands: giveus the address on flickr
Bri Hasp: Ed?
Lee Ponzu: Ted Turner
janin Barrymore: refus de tribord ?
RoDen Kilian: lol Lee
aEo’s Snow Monster: GRRRRrrrrrr!
Florencia007 Csak: let me take pics of your avatars and I can mix a pic of the awards ceremony with all of us here today.
Florencia007 Csak: we can make a group picture lOL
Azeglio Rossini: well at least 2 italian are on the right boat
RoDen Kilian: ok sounds good
janin Barrymore: je suis français meme
Florencia007 Csak: ideally the group picture should be taken with blue background so that is easier for me to cut it in Photoshop and place all of us on the real cup LOL
Mistery Sands: NZL can force alinghi to make a foul..
Mistery Sands: let’s go in front of the screen
Florencia007 Csak: better if we go close to the water with nothing behind
Mistery Sands: ok, now?
Mistery Sands: now?
Florencia007 Csak: lets finish the race first LOL
Mistery Sands: race is already finished eh eh…
Soro Dagostino: Hey tango — too bad.
tango Bingyi: soro! 🙂
Florencia007 Csak: 97m
tango Bingyi: yeah it s ok …had it before…lol
Soro Dagostino: Hey dude:)

Live 32nd America’s Cup in SecondLife

Florencia007 Csak: 1170m to finish
Soro Dagostino: Aling has to lose a kite . . .
tango Bingyi: or sink soro…
Florencia007 Csak: 84m
Soro Dagostino: heh heh
tango Bingyi: like the australians did that time
Mistery Sands: news: alinghi has 2 spinnaker on board other than the main one
tango Bingyi: they snapped in half…lol
Mistery Sands: big change of the wind!!!!!
Soro Dagostino: I saw that .
Gregba Allen: 8-9 knots of wind actually coul dchange the race
Florencia007 Csak: 650m to finish
Florencia007 Csak: OMG OMG
Armchair Binder: pole broke
Mistery Sands: alinghi break the tangone!!!!
Lee Ponzu: boom broken
Gregba Allen: yes i
Florencia007 Csak: 510m to finish
Dorra Debs: ooo
Mistery Sands: race open again
Florencia007 Csak: ohhhhhhhhh
Florencia007 Csak: OMG
Gregba Allen: good for tnz gogogog
Madcap Masala: NZ have there gib up and spin down
SkipperBenoit Lane: ohhhh noooo
Lee Ponzu: wheres the giant squid???
Florencia007 Csak: 98m
Lee Ponzu: I had good money on the squid!!
SkipperBenoit Lane: come on boys !!!! go alinghi !
Florencia007 Csak: 415m to finish
tango Bingyi: lol..
Armchair Binder: it’s all about Carma
Florencia007 Csak: 57m between boats
RoDen Kilian: omg
Mistery Sands: DISASTER
Hans Zinnemann: what a wind shift!
janin Barrymore: noooooooooo
Lee Ponzu: This proves it.
Lee Ponzu: Americas Cup is like wrestling
Lee Ponzu: all fixed
tango Bingyi: come on
Madcap Masala: Tnz ahead
Gregba Allen: gogogo tnz
Florencia007 Csak: ohhh NZL is winning
tango Bingyi: omg
tango Bingyi: what?
Florencia007 Csak: 16m NZL winning
Florencia007 Csak: this is incredible
Mistery Sands: still the penalty
tango Bingyi: Flo u serious?
janin Barrymore: penality !!!
Florencia007 Csak: yes
Lee Ponzu: Alinghi crew is puking
Arletta Sands: right still the penalty
Dorra Debs: yes!
tango Bingyi: omg..lol
Florencia007 Csak: NZL 37m winning
Gregba Allen: yes i
tango Bingyi: omg..lol
Florencia007 Csak: nooooo
Lee Ponzu: penalty is a 360, right?
Florencia007 Csak: NZL 59m
Gregba Allen: yes
SkipperBenoit Lane: un truc de fou !!!
Gregba Allen: great race
Gregba Allen: tu metonnes
Gregba Allen: ça c du matchrace
janin Barrymore: y a plus de spi ???
Arletta Sands: hohoh
Lee Ponzu: close
Dorra Debs: omg
Lee Ponzu: close
Lee Ponzu: close
Mistery Sands: amazing won of alinghi
Madcap Masala: 2 secs
Florencia007 Csak: OMG Alinghi won
Lee Ponzu: 2 seconds
Gregba Allen: incredible
Florencia007 Csak: what a final
Gregba Allen: 2sec
Florencia007 Csak: this is historic
Hans Zinnemann: Yahoooo!
Mistery Sands: incredible
Arletta Sands: yeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss
Dorra Debs: omg…lol
Lee Ponzu: FIX!!!
Florencia007 Csak: yeaaaaaaaaa
Hans Zinnemann: hoooyah!
RoDen Kilian: WOW – OMG
tango Bingyi: oh noooooooooooooooooooooo
Gregba Allen: nice win of alinghi
tango Bingyi: lol
Florencia007 Csak: OMG WOW OMG
Soro Dagostino: Incredible!!
Florencia007 Csak: LOL
Lee Ponzu: ugly ugly win
Arletta Sands: juhuiiiiiiiiii
Soro Dagostino: So close!
Mistery Sands: see you in italy…
janin Barrymore: fantastique
janin Barrymore: génial
RoDen Kilian: whew!!!!!!
Lee Ponzu: drop your spinnaker in the water and still win.
janin Barrymore: what a finish !!!
tango Bingyi: Flo…can i get a refund on this polo plzzzz
Florencia007 Csak: hahahahhahaha
Dorra Debs: 2 seconds!
Florencia007 Csak: B E A UTIFUL!
Benco Huet: incroyable
tango Bingyi: 2 seconds!!!!!!
Lee Ponzu: congratulations Florencia
tango Bingyi: 2 seconds!!!!
Florencia007 Csak: lets take the picture
tango Bingyi: unbelievable..
Florencia007 Csak: here
tango Bingyi: hans i saw that..
tango Bingyi: lol
Florencia007 Csak: Over here!
Hans Zinnemann: :o)
tango Bingyi: lol

After the races we had a group picture taken and we did a crossing between RL & SL. Lets bring the avatars to the awards ceremony at Valencia ☺ LOL

First avatars to participate at the 32nd America’s Cup in Real Life:
ACA Avatars at the 32nd America’s Cup Awards Ceremony
Benco Huel, Soro Dagostino, Armchair Binder, Mistery Sands, FernandoSendra Amat, Dorra Debs, Arletta Sands, Madcap Masala, Hans Zinnemann, Bri Hasp, Azeglio Rossini, RoDen Kilian, Tango Bingyi, Myk Sands, Ivar Yoshikawa, Shackleton Allen, and myself Florencia007 Csak

ACA Avatars at the 32nd America’s Cup Awards Ceremony

Avatars at the 32nd America’s Cup

Florencia007 Csak
Florencia San Martin
President & Founding Partner
New Media Agency

SL group: AmericasCupAnywhere
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/groups/aca32
Blog: http://aca32.wordpress.com


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