ACA32 Racer

ACA32 Racer

Alcatel-Lucent, the official new media provider for the 32nd America’s Cup and an Alcatel-Lucent’s strategic new media partner for online and SL, proudly announce the AmericasCupAnywhere Racer for Second Life.

Using a combination of physical vehicle and avatar attachment, the AmericasCupAnywhere Racer offers the best of both worlds – *realistic* sailing for you and up to 5 crewmembers in a beautifully rendered, fully detailed model of the America’s Cup Class racing yacht.

Features of the AmericasCupAnywhere Racer include:

— Can be sailed either solo or in collaboration with a crew.

— Realistic sailing. Based on the ingenious sailing mechanics originally devised by Kanker Greenacre and adapted specifically for the AmericasCupAnywhere Racer, it *really sails* using the SL wind. Voice or HUD commands trim the sails – jib and main – individually for optimal performance under sail. Heeling, drifting, in irons — all the sailing fun and excitement — it’s in there.

— Onscreen HUD, designed with the look and feel of the digital instrumentation of the real life America’s Cup Class boats, provides button control for the common boat handling commands and display of environmental conditions. The full featured HUD allows fine tuned control over each sail, allowing the seasoned skipper access to such advanced sailing concepts as wing and wing, jib backfill, etc.


— Customizable. A separate RGB blender HUD allows limitless hull coloring possibilities. A modifiable script for changing the default camera location and angle. Modify permissions allows you to make your AmericasCupAnywhere Racer truly your own.

— Artificial wind strength and direction commands for overriding the sometimes fluky SL winds. SLSF racewind compatibility.

— Accomodations for your crew in custom designed full motion animations positioned about the cockpit and deck. Yes, of course these poseballs can be hidden.

— Since sim crossings can be unpredictable, Copy and modify permissions.

Main Components:
ACA32 Racer – consists of sails, keel, crew poseballs and sailing physics and control scripts – 25 prims.
ACA32 Attachment – also rezzable inworld for display purposes – consists of the hull, deck, masts, standing rigging, cockpit, and other details – 180 prims

*PLEASE NOTE! To re-emphasize, please understand the AmericasCupAnywhere Racer is a combination vehicle that is ridden and boat attachment that is worn. When sailing, the boat becomes part of you, just like your prim hair or shoes. You cannot move about the boat when it is underway.

The AmericasCupAnywhere Racer is available at

The Second Life AmericasCupAnywhere AC Class Boat and Racer is a collaborative project made possible by the efforts and talents of these Second Life Residents:

Project Development and Producers: Florencia007 Csak and Javier Merlin (
Boat creation and modeling: Neal Nomad
Vehicle and HUD design and scripting: Jacqueline Trudeau
Full motion skipper and crew animations: Larinda Cordeaux

AmericasCupAnywhere is owned by Alcatel-Lucent
SL group: AmericasCupAnywhere

ACA sims in Second Life:


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