After some of the greatest fleet racing we have ever seen in SL (in more than one case only seconds separated the top five boats) we have our top eight boats. They are:

1 / 5.25 / Svar Beckersted
2 / 5.50 / Cory Copeland
3 / 10.00 / M1sha Dallin
4 / 14.00 / Eugene Sodwind
5 / 21.00 / Aislin Keynes
6 / 22.00 / Slanty Uriza
7 / 25.00 / Lar Kienzle
8 / 26.00 / Epicurus Emmons

Here it the schedule for the quarterfinal match races:

Saturday Schedule, June 30
10AM Svar Beckersted vs Epicurus Emmons
11AM Copy Copeland vs Lar Kienzle

Sunday July 1
9AM Eugene Sodwind vs Aislin Keynes

Tuesday July 3
(time to be determined) M1sha Dallin vs Slanty Uriza

Sat Jul 7, 2007
10am ACA in SL Semi Finals Matches

Sat Jul 14, 2007
10am ACA in SL Cup Finals

The above schedule is tentative as skippers may need to time shift to make their commitments. We will update times here on the forum. Thank you to all the skippers who participated on the 1st ACA-SL CUP and congratulations to the eight quarter finalists.

ACA-SL Cup Calendar of Events Notecard Version 1.4
June 29, 2007

MarkTwain White & Florencia007 Csak
ACA-SL Race Directors


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