1st TOUCH Magazine

the Americas Cup races are heating up, I am staying up real late (although having a nap during the day) to watch the racing live in SL. That’s right live video feeds direct from inside SL.

Americas Cup business partner Alcatel-Lucent, who provide live video feeds from the sailing venues over the internet have also established an SL presence. Not only that but they have also developed an SL version of the AC boat.


click me! The Americas Cup Anywhere Sim in Second Life is a representation to the Americas Cup Port in Valencia Spain and house a marina for SL’s Flying Tayko fleet for Skippers taking part in the ACA Virtual Cup. Also on display is the AC fleet, a great race course and a number of places to view info about the Cup and a video wall showing the live video feeds from Alcatel-Lucent. I have been there for the Cup finals, and it’s great to be able to talk to like minded sailing buffs as it all takes place. The site was built by Florencia007 Csak and her team from 9th.com who have built a superb sim.


via 1st TOUCH Magazine.


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