Schiffsratten Racing Team 1

ACA33 Team Name: Schiffsratten Racing Team #1
Country: German
Represented Yacht Club: Schiffsratten Yacht Club


Team members:

  • jeremia-spotter-skipper Jeremia Spotter (Skipper)
  • Wolem Wobbit (Tactician)
  • Zaara Rhiadra (Sail Trimmer)
  • Cindy Crow (Skipper 2)
  • Diver Price (Tactician 2)
  • Tig Spijkers (Sail Trimmer)
  • Kasimir Sorbet (Sail Trimmer)
  • Avi Bingyi (Sail Trimmer)


Team bio:
Founded by Schiffsratten Yacht Club, February 02/15/08, Homesim Tiga @ USS (Sailors Cove South)

Team SL Landmark


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