A sad day

Oh ladies and Gentlemen… it’s a sad day for Q.. I have decided to hang you my ACA PR hat and retire. Its been a fun few years representing ACA in Second Life.

When in June 2009 Florencia put a group notice asking for help in world I just had to try for the position.. ACA at that time was THE boat. It had history of real sailing history behind it, a real life company (9th.com) pushing the publicity. It was fantastically popular.. I was shocked and worried that Florencia trusted me with her and Javiers baby!!

My first job was to whip the excitement up in the boat.. That was EASY!! the Flickr account was used as was this blog and then races organized. We ran almost one ACA race per day, somewhere on the grid there was an ACA race.. Now those were the days! Yes the boat was 265prims big.. the boat did require wearing.. And yes it did crash the servers.. but they were great days.

It was obvious that we needed to reduce the prims.. So Dissismee was brought in to look at the scripts and to use her aftermarket sculpted hull in the ACA.. It worked. and the ACA surged on.

On November, 14th, 2009 Caf came on board to look after the techy stuff… wow.. I have seriously never met a more professional engineer before. His skills with the boat have made it a truly wonderful machine. He spent 6 months alone looking at the script, he honed it, it stripped it down built it back up.. he worked the spinnaker! (remember the ACA didnt have a spin?!?!). He was and is a genius at ACA.

During these times we have launched the Light version of the ACA.. we also have the Tiny and the Micro versions.. (who said we only make one boat?)

2010 saw the restart of the ACA Trophy. Naeve Rossini helped with the planning and organization at we had 30 (I think) starters.. I seem to remember almost a 24 hour session of starting and RD’ing races!! (That had to change) it was exciting races and the finals were just too close to call.. Trapez Breen won with Chad Sawson a very close runner up.

In May of 2010 we took part in the Sail For Life and Relay events that support Cancer Charities.. These have been really good fun, and there is no way I will give those up. We need the annual “bikini run” for the last session of the relay!

Another year came and another ACA Trophy came. This time we utilized Hawk! the “Sailor of the year” came across for us in 2011.. We had the use of what is now called the North Sea for the preliminary time trials and of course the Finals at Starborads Yacht Club under an agreement and close working relationship we have had with that club since the begining of the ACA project (well before my time) The winner last year was Bolt Bashly with KazumaHs Destiny in second place. With Joro Aya winning the Intermediate Class and Ox Seetan taking the win in the Novice class.

It was during this time that Real Life first kicked me. It was the start of the end for my time at ACA. I had a very real health scare that put me in hospital. I had a little too much time to lay in bed and reflect on what my life was about. I kinda knew i spent too much time in SL.. So.. it was time to get my priorities right. You will have noticed I don’t spend quite so much time in world.  I have spent more time travelling round the UK.. watching the Extreme 40’s in Cowes (missing out on the Americas Cup in Plymouth) I have a wonderful real life girlfriend and things are starting to go towards a more permanent situation width her and her kids.. (that really worries me!!!)

I wont be leaving Second Life for the moment, but this feels like the right time for me to bow out of active ACA life. I will be about for the fun stuff. Caf Binder will be now taking over PR for the brand. Florencia will still be in over all charge as always.

I thank them both for the fun, the spirit and most importantly the friendship that this project/job has given me. You will both be very special to me. I wish you nothing but the very best and I will always be a huge fan and supporter of the ACA and the ACA project. Without visionaries and huge tallent Second Life would not be the place it is.I may be still about making videos or having some fun with you all.

lastly I would like to thank you.. The customer…. No.. not the customer the guest…. hell no.. not the guest.. my friends..Thats better. Yes, customers of ACA are friends. I have really enjoyed talking to each of you. Thank you for making my time At ACA so important to me. Good night and God bless.

Quirky Torok

Ex ACA management

Ex 9th.com

11 thoughts on “A sad day

  1. You have done such a fantastic job promoting and handling the ACA and it’s projects. Thank you for those efforts. Since we all first began working with Flo to bring the 33rd Cup and ACA into SL back in 2010 the ACA boat has been a workhorse of good sailing in SL. You and Caf have done good. Real good.

    Does this mean your great DJing will be on the way out as well? Say it isn’t so Q.

  2. this is a surprise Q, but I can relate to where you are…. I wish you every success and endless happiness in your new almost full time venture in that RL game!

  3. Dang! Who will call me “Nibbles” now? I will miss you QT… you have one of the sexiest voices in SL. Caf has big shoes to fill, but I have confidence in him. (Hear that Caf?) Please keep in touch Q.

  4. To someone who handled a difficult customer service situation with aplomb and unflagging helpfulness, and is a true gentleman as well. There will always be a seat down the drinker with your name on it.

  5. Quirks – the very best wishes from me for ur rl camping and ofc for ur health!
    Yet I’d love to still enjoy u djing at random parties now and then, bcos even retired sl legends sometimes do need fun.
    Its good u know where u belong tho.
    God bless.

  6. Oh ladies and gentlemen… it’s a sad day for us all, for sailing community, for ACA, for me. Q leaving ACA PR, and I do hope not all SL for a good time to come, even only ACA, I am sure it will never be the same. And I never saw the mankini! =:-O

    Q is not only a great pro but also a good friend. One who loves the people contact and being among communities, crowds, talking, calling, commanding parties, events, all the stuff. Professional PR and happiness is in his blood. Will be missed really much. I ll do my best here PRing, but no chances exist to be the same as the funny, good fellow guy, has made it.

    Let s hope someday you ll want to come back Q! Maybe even bringing “someone” else to SL :), instead of leaving us for good… In the mean time, keep DJing as much as you can and we hope you will be part of ACA events to come.

    I will not say goodbye, no Sir. But my best THANKS, respect and friendship are all yours. Thank you very much Quirky! See ya, pal

  7. Hey there Quirky! I never really spent much time with the ACA, the only reason being lack of time in SL. Nevertheless, I followed the ACA from a distance, as you managed to create quite a lotta noise around it. Good noise. It’s too bad we’re loosing your energy and good vibes, but still… Here’s all the best wishes for you on your new path. Don’t worry bout the kids. Teach them sailing and all will be good :-) Noodly

  8. Hey Q! You’ve done a great job with style and good spirit clearly appreciated by many. Something to be happy about, not sad : P

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